Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: The Hills Girls!

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When Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and (yes) Heidi Montag all go to the same place, we're always going to write about. Only this time, the venue wasn't Les Deux and no brawls broke out. They were at the MTV Movie Awards!

All three girls were looked great last night, in our opinion but you tell us, celebrity fashion experts: Which of them looked the best?

Rihanna in Vogue

The Hills' Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad: Who looked hottest?

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Audrina: the hair was too much for me. Audrina: very sexy but still didnt seem to over due it. Lauren: TRied wayy to hard and made her look constipated.


Honestly? Heidi looks best. I hate her but she does look good. I love lauren but she kinda looks like she cant really move and i dont really like Audrinas hair at the moment.


maybe lauren's dress isnt pretty and maybe her body isnt the best but unlike heidi and adrina laurens isnt fake.


Audrina looks HOT, she pulled it off......
she looks hot, heidi could go fix her make-up..
and Lauren, come on girl u could've done better than this...


i think Audrina looks the best Heidi looks like a barbie doll thats boobs are about to pop and lauren (as much as i love her) just didnt pull the look off! Audrinas hair n dress flatter the shape of her face and body n i love the colour. love eleisha xxx


Lauren luks d best...den Audrina...Heidi luks like a slut!


Heidis dress is nice but the shoes ruin it!
Audrinas dress is far to small an looks very uncomfortable on her!
And laurens dress is unbelieveably ugly the colour is nice but its not a nice shape at all xxxx


Audrina looks great.. and Lauren looks happy, the dress is my least favourite. But Heidi. 5 Years down the line.. will be a Jenna Jameson lookalike.


heidi use to be beautiful until she went and got all that freakin plastic surgery. now she looks trashy. audrina looks good with bangs. Lauren needs to get a different look. All her pictures always look the same. Same hair. Same style. Same makeup.


is it just me or does heidi look orange to anyone else?