Brooke Hogan is Freaked Out by Charlie Hill

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We rarely agree with Brooke Hogan. Especially when it comes to her fashion choices.

But we have to agree with her reaction to mother Linda Hogan dating 19-year-old Charlie Hill.

Difficult Shopping Decisions

"I went to school with him," Brooke said about the boy toy. "He was a grade under me."

Now, of course, Hill is spending nights under Linda.

Linda Hogan is dating Charlie Hill. Seems like a totally healthy relationship to us... not!

Linda, 48, is trying to get back at Hulk Hogan for cheating on her with Christiane Plante. Which we understand. But maybe she ought to have considered how this new relationship would affect her kids.

Brooke confessed the relationship makes her uncomfortable, adding: "I'm totally freaked out. This is really weird… I personally don't like it at all."

The youngest Hogan said she had to support her mother, but when Brooke Hogan is the voice of reason, you know a situation is out of hand.

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I think linda is hot!!!!!!


thats creey, whats attractive about a child that way to someone that age?


She is a slutty pig and he has a four inch penis. It will never work.


Well good for her. She can do whatever she wants.


Perfect work!


i also went to clearwater high with charlie he's jus a tall pussy i thought da motha fucka was gay n we had english class he did half of my skool work hahaha


OMG! linda your such a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!! were are your manners? my heart goes out to Brooks because i can only imagine how she feels.....but lets see how far the relationship will go!


The little Charlie looks like he is trying to look like HULK HOGAN ha ha what a joke ! LINDA ole wore out Stank hole doesn't even work what a slutty whore! going to leave her hag ass just watch when he has to start changing Lindas diapers that worn out p hole on Linda will get old just watch ! LINDA you are one nasty son of a bitch ! Hulk would be a fool to ever work things out now !Linda is after HULKS money and Charlie young cock!


that is not a good image or look..
obviously you don't care what your children think of dating a boy around their age.. its NASTY.


I hope he gives her an abraham lincoln, or maybe gets a rusty trombone from her...or possibly an angry pirate. She looks like she could use an angry pirate to me.

Brooke Hogan Biography

Brooke and her Cleavage Brooke Hogan is the daughter of a very famous wrestler. She has an awful singing voice and maybe even worse taste in fashion. Brooke does... More »
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Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan Quotes

I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It's crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best.

Brooke Hogan

I know if I was 48-years-old, I wouldn’t date a 19-year-old. I just don’t feel it’s her. And through all this stuff, I really need my mom, and she’s doing her own thing. I don’t talk to her anymore.

Brooke Hogan
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