Billy Ray on Miley Cyrus Nude Photo: Stuff Happens

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On the Today show this morning, Billy Ray Cyrus finally commented on the infamous Vanity Fair photo of his daughter posing topless.

The country crooner pleaded ignorance when it came to Miley Cyrus stripping down for the camera.

"I didn't know they were going to strip her down and wrap her in a blanket," said Cyrus, appearing on the program to promote Nashville Star, adding of the topless shot of his daughter: "I was surprised when I saw it ... but, hey, that's life. Stuff happens."

It does, indeed, Billy Ray.

As for the picture of Miley with her dad, striking a pose that appeared more suitable between a boyfriend and girlfriend rather than a father and daughter, the elder Cyrus laughed at such a notion.

"That's just a daddy who loves his daughter a whole lot," he said.

Note to Billy Ray: that doesn't make it seem any less creepy.


wow i love you sex sex sex ass kiss her ass go bebe


yeah leave miley the fuck alone it aint none of ur damn buisness


guys this photo is not bad but some of the others are but maybe the one of the t-shirt and shower was not suppposed to get out amy-b one of her freinds took it and she did not kno it either way idk wat to call her


she is a bitych stop acting like u dont know that man girl u need to get the hike from off the tv stop been watch by children


And stop typing in caps. I find it absolutely ABSURD that Billy Ray's doing a good job as a father. I'd hate to see how you're children will act being raised by such an ignorant father.


ohkay, EW. James, your sister and your girlfriend are hoes. If you think posing like a freaking pornstar is normal, you're insane in the membrane. stop supporting a whore.


You guys need to lay off the crack. Kid or not, I don't see any normal kids showering with a white t-shirt and sending it online, or camera whoring half nude. Pictures? Innocent? WHAT ARE YOU ON?!?


theres notin wrong wit a daughter posing wit her father bak off peps!


Go Billy,your a good father


um...she could have said no...i guess


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