Bachelor Battle: Joe Jonas vs. Zac Efron

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They're two of the youngest, cutest, most popular celebrities in Hollywood.

But which handsome bachelor would you choose to date: Joe Jonas or Zac Efron?

Bye, Bye Fans

Joe Jonas vs. Zac Efron. Choose your favorite hottie!

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AMO Zac efron AMO joe jonas por que eu acho os dois perfeitos, mas como eu nunca tive a sorte de conhecer nem um dos dois vamos deixar só ns sonhos mesmo...HUUUU AMO DE CORAÇÃO OS DOIS LINDOS ASTROS. SOU BRASILEIRA NÃO DESISTO TÃO F�CIL... LOVE LOVE Zac efron joe jonas why I find the two perfect, but as I never had the good fortune to meet one or two let alone even dream we hooooo ... LOVE HEART TWO BEAUTIFUL STARS.


i luv Zac so much like he is sooooooooooooo hot but My vote goes tooooooooo Joe Jonas sorry Zac but Joe is Hotter!!!!


Love Joe! but on the hotness scale he just doesnt compare.


can I have zac efron's body with joe's head? .... no? 0.o .... and if I say please... pretty please with a cherry on top.. 0.0 still no.. damn!


Joeeeeee is the best|


zac efron of course.It's amazing and hot


of course zac efron....
but joe is amazing too,,,


they are both hot .. but i will choose joe


omg they are both really cute but i have to say zac efron hes is like the HOTtes guy ever and omg he comes out in da movie charlie st. clouds and guess wat omg sooo hot


.,zac efron is so hhhhooooooottt,.so my vote is for ZAC,.,