Audrina Patridge: Moving in with Justin-Bobby?!

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The Hills' Audrina Patridge and her sister, Casey Patridge, were out having a few drinks in West Hollywood two nights ago - and wouldn't you know it, the evening played out like a real-life episode of The Hills.

According to TMZ, Audrina was saying how she's now "totally exclusive" with grease ball boyfriend Justin-Bobby (a.k.a. Justin Brescia). Ewww.

Not the Best Audrina Photo

Even more amazing is that Lauren Conrad is giving her the cold shoulder, just like she gave Heidi Montag after she became so devoted to Spencer Pratt.

Think LC is a little overprotective?

It gets worse. Audrina said she is seriously thinking about moving out of LC's house in The Hills and ... moving in with Justin-Bobby! OMFG, WTF!?

What do you think about this latest batch of Hills drama: Should Audrina move in with J-Bobby? Should Lauren Conrad chill the eff out?


I think that Audrina is stupid to be with Justin Bobby or whatever his name is, Is this not the guy that left her in las vegas some time ago and then kissed a girl in front of her. Heidi stayed with Spencer even after he was out with those bunny girls and Heidi was slagging him off. So Lauren is not to blame when her so called once friends end up falling for losers who they moan to her about. I dont Lauren gets jealous I think she gets asked for advice and when people dont like it they say she is giving them the cold shoulder. I dont like Heidi or Spencer their relationship is fake like every bit of Heidi. JB could be okay but he thinks he someone important which he is not. Audrina is user she is a no body and needs to remember who is really a friend. Moan over.


By the way Damsel, thanks for the link-JB does clean up nicely. I always liked his style-he's def. edgy and sexy. I wonder who the girl was in his picts, she's much prettier than Audrina.


Lauren's true colors of her being an ugly person are comming out. She has lost her friends because they have a mind of their own and she can no longer control them. It's called being an adult, and living your own life LC!


I think Lauren is wrong in this particular situation. Audrina has been nothing but the best friend she has had since moving to LA. Lo is very childish and brings a "high schoolish aura" to the Hills that once was left in Laguna Beach. Flat out, Lo has come back into Lauren's life and wants to reclaim her spot as Lauren's sidekick! She flat out is jealous of Audrina's one time solid relationship with Lauren. Lauren needs to smarten up and see that Lo is playing her against Audrina. Audrina has never hurt Lauren but something major happened between Lo and Lauren (reason why they did not talk for about 2 years). I think Audrina should move out but into her own place as she was before she moved in with Lauren. If she loves JB, no one can tell her different and that's her business but there is no reason to come home to a mad-house full of hate and envy. Go for it Audrina! You only live once, live free.


What is wrong with you people. First and most important, LC is such a bore, she so lacks savvy in conservation I can't imagine hanging out with her, borefest. She brings nothing to the table but cameras. At least Lo speak and has her own mind and opinions. Audrina and Heidi same thing, interesting people, fun and have something to say. I am team Audrina all the way, she was always a good friend to LC and and LC just sold her up the river when LO started coming around. Audrina is nice, no fakeness no bad talking, love her, LC you are about to lose a great friend!!!


i think lauren should kick out lo...she's so fake and she made it pretty clear that she doesn't want audrina to live with her and lauren...


LC's probably just glad JB won't be bringing lice into her pool house anymore.


i think audrina should get rid of justin bobby in her life i mean come on the guy is creepyyy


i have been team lo the whole time. audrina and heidi both have used lauren and the hills to become famous which is their life long dream. i just feel bad that lauren doesn't pick up on these things. i think they should just cast-off heidi and audrina who will be bffs in a week. this is not lauren getting jealous becuse lo has a boyfriend and although he is not on thr show lauren supports it and shes not getting into fights with lo.

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