Audrina Patridge Hangs with ... David Cook!

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We suggested yesterday that Audrina Patridge and Mario Lopez would make a hot couple ... but what about Audrina and David Cook instead?

The American Idol winner and The Hills star met up at a bash honoring a Glamour magazine editor in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

A Little Lost in Thought

We know Audrina's dating Tal Cooperman and David has a thing for Kimberly Caldwell... but we think they'd make a cute couple. Do you?

What do you think? Should Audrina Patridge and David Cook date?


I like David with Kim. They're super cute together! The real question is... who asked for this picture to be taken? My guess is Audrina asked to be in a picture with him! :oP


I like Audrina better than Kimberly...but I can't see him dating Audrina anytime soon. Also, I think David needs to give Kim the boot.


David is avery talented individual.With every thing going on with our economy,he is thebest thing that happened to America this year.I hope that him and KC will continue to date,get engaged:get married have Kids produce a show like Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermitt did with their shows.That would a great holly wood love story. Kim looks like a real Diva. Hopefully theywill have a great career.


david isn't that hot, look at that huge tummy he's got!nd i think he looks fine with kc, nd look at their complexion differences! but i do agree he's gonna look great wid mandy moore..


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Ugh! Neither one of them seem the type for him. Of course, I don't know any of them personally.
However, David seems such a kind, humble, creative, and all around fantastic guy. He needs a REAL woman, not someone who is famous. Someone who is supportive, someone with class, someone who is as sensitive and kind as he seems to be. He doesn't need some B list, wannabe, pornstar/singer, or some spray-tan addicted skank.


Noo...this isn't a good match. He would be better with Lauren, she's more down to earth like him. You know who would be better for him...ME!!!! :) He's amazing!


NO! i dont like her. he deserves so much better! besides he should be focusing on his AMAZING carrer... i love cook


No way i think he should be dating Lindsay Lohan! That would be hot.


It's hard to believe that David Cook is interested in Kimberly Caldwell for anything more than a good time. He is a rock star now...I mean, she said she'd love to make out with classy is that?

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