Amy Winehouse Out of Hospital, Should Be Back Soon

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Amy Winehouse is out of the hospital - but don't call off the Death Watch yet.

Just a few days after collapsing and being diagnosed with emphysema (at the old age of 24), she's already back to smoking! Healthy and smart!

The Dubs

The Back To Black Grammy-winner was all smiles as she piled into a cab, stopping off for a brief shopping trip before returning home.

But in a worrying sign, the train wreck was seen lighting up a smoke as she emerged from facility, despite stern warnings from doctors...

Amy Winehouse reacts to her emphysema diagnosis with a celebratory smoke.

Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, told the press that the singer's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil - who is awaiting sentencing after a recent plea of guilty to charges of assault and conspiring to pervert justice (that's what they call it over there, really) - has vowed to come off the drugs himself.

Moreover, he has been calling her every day "to help her coordinate the transfer of heroin during her next visit with him in jail stay strong."


This crackhead whore is sooooooooooo stupid! She wants to die and who can blame her. She is a waste of human flesh.


I love her.....she has a great voice... but not only has she hit the cigarette........ it looks like she has already hit the crack pipe.... she looks GEEKED UP....


I love how the press covers this. "Amy Winehouse reacts to her emphysema diagnosis with a celebratory smoke." It has been confirmed that her father overreacted and she doesn't have emphysema. What is it with this headline..."Should Be Back Soon"? How about wishing her well. Everyone should hope that she can conquer her addiction. She is a brilliant talent.


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Amy Winehouse Smokes
Amy Winehouse is talented British singer and train wreck. This R&B / soul crooner, who's perhaps best known for her songs "Rehab" and... More »
Southgate, London, England
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Amy Jade Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Quotes

Gorgeous as f-ck. You seen him before?

Amy Winehouse [on how Blake Fielder-Civil is doing in jail]

I want at least five kids. I want twins. Blake is gonna be the most amazing dad.

Amy Winehouse