Ali Lohan Might Be a Troll

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Ali Lohan is desperate to be famous.

We wonder if she'll settle for being a troll.


According to E! Online, the reality star and sister of Lindsay Lohan is director John Carl Buechler's top choice for a lead role in the big-budget remake of his 1986 film, Troll.

Ali auditioned last week for the role of the young Eunice St. Clair.

"She was great," Buechler somehow said. "The camera loves her. She's a really good actress... I am personally going to fight for her."

Ali Lohan craves fame. Her mother has raised her well.

The "retelling of the original story with some twists" (as the director describes it) does not currently have a release date. The original marked the big screen debut of Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

If the hiring of Lohan goes through, the remake would mark the debut of Ali on screen, as well. Until her eventual sex tape, that is.


OMG, to MM-Just seen this "And a little nugget of information...the album she is supposedly trying to sell is not her first. She did a Christmas album that tanked and is in the dollar bin at Kmart."
You sure it wasn't at Goodwill? LOL too funny! You just made my day! LMAO You also posted:
"any parent who cared would see what happened to the first daughter and then encourage her other daughter to do it before she is mature enough?" The mother only sees $$ signs, thats it!
I don't see her having a reg. job. And why would she when she can make money off her own kids?


By the way, to bostongirl I was never a active wathcher of this show, can't even think of the name of it to be honest with you.
When it was advertised I thought I would watch it.
Well 2-3 episodes did it for me! LOL
You also said the show was about Ali and Lindsay's career? Didn't know Lindsy was even in that show? Wasn't she in rehab or something during the taping? And to "ali's best friend" LMAO your comment just cracked me up!
You go girl! lol
Yea karma will get you in rehab sooner or later.
Trust me, I'm not a hater-just call it as I see it.


you guys need to stop being so rude she is not that bad she is only 14 and i bet you guys just think that she is going to be like lindsey but i do not think she is and who ever that writer is just needs to shut her big fat rude disgusting mouth


.. even Alis comments about being desperate to be famous, and loving giving an autograph, etc. These are her words. She jasnt sai I love to write music.. I love the art of acting, etc etc.
She wants the spotlight...but hasnt focused on working for it. And a little nugget of information...the album she is supposedly trying to sell is not her first. She did a Christmas album that tanked and is in the dollar bin at Kmart. The girl is sooooooo not mature enough for this and is being used all around. To boot you think any parent who cared would see what happened to the first daughter and then encourage her other daughter to do it before she is mature enough? A pathetic family. Very sad


If her mom wasnt such a Media slut, maybe the comments wouldnt be so mean. But you push this ridiculously dumb reality show which shows how Ali is so not ready for this on so many levels. A real parent would notice this and encourage her child to maybe go to school and mature up a bit. I say all this living in the town they do, and seeing whats going on. Lindsay started young and made it on semi talent, despite here trip ups lately. Ali is not as talented which is pretty obvious, and yet her mom is deluding her. The girl can barely read or think on her own. It is just really sad what is going on. The E show is simply a vehicle to push her. Of course any 14 year old girl will go along with it because what 14 yo wouldnt want that. Maybe she will be ready one day, but now she is woefully not ready and tehya re trying to manufacture here because the talent is not really there.


omg ppl plz shut up about my best friend and lyndsay omg plz just leave her alone she is a nice person and she will not turn out like her sis u know what she will because her sis is a great person to so just quit dissin her or u know what karma will bite you in the ass so now what bitches


u pieces of craps gutta leave these people alone u dont even know them u kust know them from da show so u guys shouldnt even be talking about them if u think talking about them will make u feel better u guys got issues


You people make me laugh; you have nothing better in your lives to do than pick on people that you don't even know. Obviously you are all jealous and you are spending the time to watching Living Lohan and follow Ali and Lindsay's career so that means your lives must be pretty pathetic. This girl is 14 yrs old and has a dream that she is making come true which is more than any of you can probably say for your dead end jobs you are miserable at. Simply stated no one is forcing you to watch the show or follow their lives so if you don't like the show or them, then change the channel and find a hobby other than bashing people u know nothing about; obviously you are interested in them to some extent or else you wouldn't know anything about them to comment about




Okay just leave her alone you dont know her but i do and shes a really nice person and you know wat her mother did raise her well and the same go's for Cody and Mitchel so leave her alone


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