Abby McGrew's Dress: Love it or Shove it?

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Eli is the Man-ning.

Not only did the baby-faced New York Giants quarterback lead his team to victory in Super Bowl XLII, the greatest football game ever, he signed a lifetime contract with the adorable Abby McGrew shortly thereafter!

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

You'd think that would exempt him from scrutiny for some time, but this is New York - and when he and Abby McGrew went to the Whitney Contemporaries Art Party and Auction, the celebrity fashion critics came out in force!

One fashion critic said the newly-wedded Mannings wore their best "junior prom attire." Another said Abby's dress was "too short, too tight, and doesn't fit well. The zipper doesn't zip and she's bursting out of it."

We're not sure why that's a bad thing, but we leave it up to you, our readers and armchair celebrity fashion critics, to judge for yourself:

Abby McGrew's dress: Love it or shove it?


I have known Abby and her family since she was 2. She has class and has a great family..
She and all her sisters are beautiful, smart girls.
She could wear a paper sack and look good.
Love you Abby


I think the dress is nice! What, you haven't seen a women with class in awhile?


I love it. She is just precious. They both are. I will never read the POST again. They must be jealous or something. I do not see why on earth they would attack this couple. I could not believe that article about Eli and Abby. They are an adorable...normal American couple that people from all over can identify with. Just enjoy seeing this young couple in love. Their syle is fine. They look great!


I think she looks really good. Great color and she is very pretty. I would wear it ;)


this looks great on her. she is only being questioned because she is a "lowly normal human being" not a no-talent celebrity. if lauren conrad were wearing this dress everyone would say how wonderful she looked. how dumb.


Love it! It looks beautiful on her and Eli's tie coordinates well with it.

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