Why Mutt Lange is an Idiot

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This just in: Mutt Lange is an idiot.

The 14-year husband of Shania Twain allegedly cheated on her with Marie-Anne Thiebaud. This is a despicable act to commit against anyone.

But when your wife looks like this? What are you thinking, Mutt?!?

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please!, mutt you can't do this. open your eyes,shania is beatiful woman and she still love you, you can't do this.and you don't thing in your child, you are an idiot mutt.shania be srtogn and your fans are with youadn we never let you. shania you are,and you will be in our heart for ever.we love you and we are with you


SHANIA is the most beautiful women in the world!! mutt is a dumb jerk that other women is a complete dog!!!! shania stay strong!! baby!!