Scrub: Katherine Heigl Looks to Bolt Grey's Anatomy

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Just weeks after Grey's Anatomy returned with new episodes, sources are saying Katherine Heigl is itching to bolt and hang up her scrubs. Again.

This is not the first time this rumor has circulated. Nor will it be the last. Heigl is said to be dreaming of bigger and better things.

Katherine Heigl, Family

"She's working really long hours and is ready to move on," a source close to the actress told MSNBC.

Fifteen months ago, Heigl renegotiated her Grey's Anatomy contract. The net result was that the negotiations went public and she got the raise she wanted from the show, but questions about her status have lingered.

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Compounding the issue is the fact that Heigl has already had significant big-screen success with her leading roles in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. She's slated to star with Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth next.

"She is smart. She saw what can happen with somebody like Jennifer Aniston, who was crazy successful on TV, but can't seem to carry a film, and she tested the waters early," said a movie industry source.

Even so, Katherine Heigl might be locked into Grey's Anatomy a bit longer. "I don't think she'll be able to get out of it," the source said of her contract.


she should stick with TV.She is not a great Actress and i can not understand why on earth they would want her in a Movie with a talent like Gerard Butler.


Yes she had success w "knocked up" but "27 dresses" was a moderate success. I think she may want 2 leave bc she has been very vocal about wanting kids right away. Im on ABC's side. KH went public 2 get a raise,, but now she wants 2 leave. & what about when her film career doesnt take off? Will she then want 2 return 2 GA? 4 KH 2 compare herself 2 Jen Aniston is a bit much. As unrealistics as 'friends' was, JA was on that show for 10 yrs. This is just GA's 3rd yr.
I think bc KH won the emmy sooner than JA she may have a big head.

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