Vanessa Curry: The Alleged Kobe Bryant Mistress

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Kobe Bryant stood tall last night as his Los Angeles Lakers took a 3-1 lead in the West Finals with a grueling road win at San Antonio.

Similarly, the website that claimed the NBA star had an affair with a Laker Girl named Vanessa Curry is refusing to back down under pressure.

Earlier this week, Bryant's lawyer fired off a letter to, demanding that the post about Kobe and Vanessa Curry be taken down.

TheDirty claimed Kobe had an affair with Curry, 18, who has resigned her position with the Laker Girls - the Lakers' cheerleaders.

Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers (left) prepares to nail a jumpshot. Bryant's lawyer is denying that Kobe nailed cheerleader Vanessa Curry, however.

The site's lawyers are firing back, claiming the story is in fact true, but even if it wasn't, "because Mr. Bryant has previously publicly admitted to similar acts of infidelity... it seems unlikely that any jury would find 'actual malice.'"

Those be fightin' words!

Even better: The Dirty's lawyers say the fact that Kobe Bryant's lawyer went and sent a demand letter regarding the matter "only increases the likelihood that this story will receive more attention than it already has."

The Dirty's lawyer then makes reference to "The Streisand effect" - when Barbara made a stink over photos of her beach pad taken from a helicopter and it just made everyone aware of where she lived.

What do you think? Did Kobe Bryant have an affair with Vanessa Curry? If he didn't, should this site be forced to take down the story?


haha . my sister used to be her best friend during her freshman and sophomore year in high school and she got her ass beat for having sex with a guy who had a girlfriend. She had a boyfriend as well. She switched schools to go to moreau because of that. and also she was videotaped outside of newark days in the community center having sex with some guy on a bench. Also she has a third nipple....Everyone in the city of newark and fremont knows she's a whore!


I'd never marry a professional sportman. They're all about themselves. They're starved for attention, needing to be in the spotlight, and are usually huge sluts.




well, she isn't a laker girl anymore now is she! things that make you go "humm"!!!!!!


how do you know vanessa curry slept with many men? you dont even know her, she happens to be a very nice girl who has a great heart. So if you have no evidence that this even happened why are you trippen so hard? get your facts straight and then start pointen the finger.


Yes, he certainly DID have an affair with this Laker Girl, and she "forced" to resign or be fired. She has slept with MANY men since becoming a laker girl, he is only one. True evidence is hard to come by in these cases, but someone definitely wants it out there, so we wait and see if/when any real evidence shows up. I hope it does because Kobe is a PIG for serial cheating on his gorgeous wife and daughters and needs to be brought down!

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