Vanessa Curry: The Alleged Kobe Bryant Mistress

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Kobe Bryant stood tall last night as his Los Angeles Lakers took a 3-1 lead in the West Finals with a grueling road win at San Antonio.

Similarly, the website that claimed the NBA star had an affair with a Laker Girl named Vanessa Curry is refusing to back down under pressure.

Earlier this week, Bryant's lawyer fired off a letter to, demanding that the post about Kobe and Vanessa Curry be taken down.

TheDirty claimed Kobe had an affair with Curry, 18, who has resigned her position with the Laker Girls - the Lakers' cheerleaders.

Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers (left) prepares to nail a jumpshot. Bryant's lawyer is denying that Kobe nailed cheerleader Vanessa Curry, however.

The site's lawyers are firing back, claiming the story is in fact true, but even if it wasn't, "because Mr. Bryant has previously publicly admitted to similar acts of infidelity... it seems unlikely that any jury would find 'actual malice.'"

Those be fightin' words!

Even better: The Dirty's lawyers say the fact that Kobe Bryant's lawyer went and sent a demand letter regarding the matter "only increases the likelihood that this story will receive more attention than it already has."

The Dirty's lawyer then makes reference to "The Streisand effect" - when Barbara made a stink over photos of her beach pad taken from a helicopter and it just made everyone aware of where she lived.

What do you think? Did Kobe Bryant have an affair with Vanessa Curry? If he didn't, should this site be forced to take down the story?


@Jules: Question my dear: How many sportsmen have you said "no" to? Like they _are_ asking right? You _do_ have a problem with slutty millionaires trying to get up with you, right? I await your answer, and picture ;)


What is wrong with you scum? Pro ballers sleep around.. so what? Why is the woman a whore because she slept with some guy? Did he pay her? Is she married? Maybe she just likes tall, proven athletic hoopers? I'd much rather sleep with married women, sure... saves problems on the disengage... if you think like that.. Point is, why would she be at fault? Why? Why not him? The girl's a laker cheerleader, so what's going on @ home for him to do this so close? His wife was a damn bad choice.. and it's not like he wont be paying for the family.. so wtf? Kobe is a lot of things, sure, but one of them is the very best basketball player alive... which is why we know him. It's ludicrous to think that he's a normal guy...


I actually went to school with Vanessa Curry at Moreau Catholic High School and it's not hard to believe this story. I've heard her reputation and I knew her, she is very pretty and she is a very nice person but I think her looks did get to her and that's probably why she's cheated on so many of her boyfriends.


i happen to know of her. she went to my high school and has has this homewrecker rep for the longest. she messed with one of my friends boyfriends and caused alot of drama. she mightve been a "nice" person, but if she truly had a good heart then she wouldnt have done the things shes done. i don't doubt at all that this isnt true. i believe it is.. its sad in the perspective of his wife but oh well.. thats why she left my high school to go to another one because so many people didnt like her and wanted to beat her up. .. so shame shame on her.. not very classy..and for kobe.. before this even happened he came off as a jerk to me anyway everytime i watched an interview of him or something on b.e.t... so whatever they both deserved eacthother i guess!


dont pick on this girl ..... shes has a good HEAD on her shoulders ...i went to prom wit her.


i have to agree with K.L. she did get her ass beat mutiple times for being a 'mistress' or what ever you may call it. And i dont think she just was given the nickname 'a moraeu ho' for nothing... What a coincidence that ANOTHER rumor was made about her and Why would her own fellow cheerleaders start a rumor about her? Yeaaaa she may be a good person but she sure is a whore.


If they both broke the rules, why didn't they fire Kobe too?


Curry's parents must be really proud of how ther daughter is making it to fame.


Maybe she should thought about that before she chose to go off screwing around with him. She knew what she was doing and she also knew that behavior is totally off limits in the Laker organization. She signed a contract stating so. She deserved everything she got.


I understand some of you dislike Kobe because his affairs or because whatever it is.. However, being true or not, you guys deserve the worse.. Kobe has enough money and lawyers to handle this. In few weeks this will be another episode of the past.. However, what is true is that all of you are destroying the life of this girl. So, far, she has been forced to resign as a Lakers girl, probably a long waiting dream that took a lot of efforts to be achieved. I do not care if she slept or not w/ Bryant. However, you guys are destroying her life simply to put trash on top of Kobe... Most probably it is a stupid story created due to jeleous by other Laker guess. In any case, whatever is the true, if you want to attack Kobe, do so, but do not hurt the life of others, specially this girl. If there is justice, one day you guys will pay for what you are doing to this girl.. All the best Vanessa!!

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