Tony Romo Ponders Football, Dating Ineptness

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MSNBC, quoting a "source" close to Jessica Simpson, is reporting that Tony Romo's attendance at her sis Ashlee's wedding Saturday was a "test" Romo needed to pass if there was any hope of keeping their relationship alive.

"They've broken up a hundred times," said the source. "They'd had another of their ‘breakups' before the wedding, but it was clear that he had to go as Jess' date if there was any hope that the relationship would work out."

Joe and Jessica Simpson

As one of our staff members argued in yesterday's face-off, Tony Romo just can't seem to quit Jessica. No matter how annoying her ass gets or how badly Joe Simpson meddles, he just keeps on coming back.

The star quarterback is probably kicking himself right now, but at least he has the unconditional support of his Dallas Cowboys teammates ...


Actually Brooke was more than likely fired for her aaifliftion with the third party presidential vote. ABC was known for their strong support of Obama and Brooke did a few PSA's supporting Ralph Nader. If the lesbian relationship had anything to do with it Sara would have been fired as well. That argument doesn't stand very well considering they just signed Jessica Capshaw for the 6th season and she plays Arizona who is Callie's new gf.


Just saw a photo of Tony and Jessica arriving at LAX - Jessica is wearing a shirt that says REAL GIRLS EAT MEAT. Hmmm . . . and Carrie is a vegetarian! Jessica must be real insecure to show her shallow, immature, trashy self in such an obvious way.
WHat is the matter with you Tony!


Tony, You are my idol. i ABSOLUTLY adore you everything in my room is like Tony Romo. You need to ditch Jessica nad her crazy father! You and Carrie Underwood should've stayed together I dont know the real reaso you split but whatever it was i hope is was good. listen to my advice and dump Jessica you aare hot enough you can get and women you want.


They are so done. The pic up there is right. He's talking to Carrie Underwood now. Maybe with a little less Hollywood he'll be able to focus at the task at hand. Carrie is a sweetheart and America would be way more receptive to a girl with some values.


This story makes no sense to me. If he "can't quit" Jessica then why did he flirt all night in Chicago after she called him her "future husband." It seems a comment like that would have caused quite the reunion IF he was truly smitten.

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