The Worst Miley Cyrus Photo Yet

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Look, Miley Cyrus, we defended you when you showed the world your bra.

We calmly debated the merits of your controversial Vanity Fair photo.

Kim Getting Married?!?

But The Hollywood Gossip staff simply cannot stand for the following picture!!!

On Saturday, the Hannah Montana actress attended 102.7 KIIS-FM's Wango Tango concert. As much as it pains us to say, she proceeded to hang out with Kim Kardashian and her idiotically-named sisters at the event. Take a look:

"We honestly had such a blast," Kim said. "Kendall and Kylie were most excited to see the Jonas Brothers and Khloe and I were most excited to see Miley Cyrus!"

That's nice all, but come on, Miley. Shape up. For someone looking to rehab her image, you may not wanna be hanging around with sex tape stars.

Think about it.


i love her!
i don't care if she is with those girls!


When Lindsay Lohan became a crack addict nobody cared this much. This is a picture. It doesn't even mean anything. It's as if Miley isn't allowed to be who she is. I have news for all the whiners out there. She's a teenager... she probably wanted to be social and have some fun with Kim K. Now i'm pretty sure nobody is going to die over this. Why don't we talk about more important things... like the earthquake in China that occured last week? People actually DID die because of it. losers...


wat hte hell is wrong wit dat photo huh.


Isn't Kendall Miley's age? or a year younger?
Kim said she has learnt from her wrong and maybe she is setting a good example to Miley and her little sisters?
Who ever Miley hangs out with is wrong!
Why can't the press give her a break!?


i get so cross when i see comments that are so childish..honestly there is absolutley nothing wrong with any of the people in this picture,they are all stunning young women who should be respected,if you have a problem with them keep it to ur self dont sit and and complain bcos all u are doing is making urself look pathetic and JELOUS!!!!


What the h-e double hockeystick is wrong with this?! She's not nude ,half dressed, or anything like that. So what?! She took a picture with them. You ppl are crazy! She can take pics with whoever she pleases.


omg!!! what the hell is the big freaking deal ...she took a picture with the karashians..who the hell cares ..doesnt mean crap...ppl are so freakin lame!!


wow..she looks....eww and...why do people try SO HARD to defend her?
i mean, she's not that innocent....


OMG whats the big deal???? Miley should be able to hang out with who she likes and why should she get in trouble for it? God some people are such idiots!!


At least it's not Paris Hilton in the photo with her....

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