The Many Faces of David Archuleta

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What's the best part of the following David Archuleta photo montage?

It's actually not the fact that teenage girls across the country can drool over the cuteness of this American Idol finalist.

It's that you can easily save this image on your desktop and - presto! - you've got David Archuleta wallpaper. Therefore, no matter who wins Archuleta's showdown with David Cook tomorrow night, you'll never be too far away from this adorable crooner.

You're welcome.

The Faces of David Archuleta

i'm from philippines and the two david's just finnished their back to back concert here...
the crowd here really like david archuleta more...
and the concerts so successfullll it's bec of david archuleta..
he nailed it!!! he sang songs that every people there can relate...unlike cook...
archie is an angel!!!!!
and he's so cute and adorable and stunning just dancind,jumping and feellling the songs....
philippines love david archuleta


love this. complete david through the AI ages. he is just such an amazing person


hey!!! i love him so much... god bless u david!!! lotsaluv from me... mwaaaaaaaaah!!!!


David Archuleta truly doesn't need anyone to defend him. God will always provide for His blessings. And make no mistake about it, this young man is a blessing. Even with a damaged vocal cord his voice mesmerizes the world. You don't have to love nor accept David's music, but you can't stop it. He is, a force from God.


David A. is and will be a huge success..anyone who is constantly banging him down and making immature comments (when they don't even know him as a person), need to get off the comp and get a life of their doesn't sound like many of you bashers have any clue what love and caring is all about, so you need to pay attention to where you're headed and do something about it ..maybe if you pay attention to yourself and what you're doing that is worthless, you may not have time to sit at the comp and bash innocent people who are trying to do something good and joyous with their life. Jealousy is a serious disease and you bashers need to do something about it, because by the sounds of you--YOU DO HAVE THE DISEASE...


Hey man,if u dont like him then dont leave him comments...its as simple as that and oh yea,get a life...He's truly a great performer and even if he didn't win he is still my idol...


David Archuleta rocks the house! He may lose in that show but he proved to everyone specially for the youth that age doesnt matter in reaching for our dreams and goals. More power to you David! :D


i think david archuletta is so awesome. i truly loved every song and was inspired by him. you can look into his eyes and see his soul. he is a beautiful human being inside and out. is there a fan club for david. i would love to know and join. my daughter also loves him. she is so beautiful too.


I want David Cook's face!! :D

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