The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 31

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Welcome, celebrity news readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest. Who emerged as the winner this week? It was a difficult call, but...

Amy is the winner! Congratulations. The winning entry appears beneath the photo below. Scroll down the page for the full list of submissions.

Red Carpet Tori

Thanks to all for playing The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, have a great weekend, and good luck again in this week's new edition.

"Momma has to eat ice cream and make appearances at Baskin Robbins to earn us some money... I have been broke since my 90210 days ended."

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What is up with her nose/forehead? She looks like a clingon!


Tori: "Momma has to eat ice cream and make appearances at Baskin Robbins to earn us some money...I have been broke since my 90210 days ended."


Tori: "Sweetheart, momma is eating for two not sharing."


Well, I know it would be more Bette Davis with a dead rat, but I can't afford the extra fat right now"


"I'm eating for two....OK!?"


As she sees her reflection in the window. "Oh my, I really do look like a horse's behind and my pits smell like one too".


Darn!!! how old is she?!!i thought she in 30's not late 50's


Whay am i so ugly??


Here's to a third (chin)!


I have nothing left to live for, I look like my mother!