The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 28

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Welcome, celebrity news readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our fun Friday afternoon tradition. Let's see who won this week's Caption Contest!

It was a difficult call, but the winner is Dee Dee Dynamite. Nice job! The winning entry appears below the photo, with the full list of submissions further down.

Lindsay Lohan Hangs Out

Thanks for playing the Caption Contest and good luck again this week!

She says they don't have "Ankle Monitor Black" here. This is bullsâ€"t!




my caption for this would be:
i need food not a manicure!
haha fromt he philippines here! i just love this page! thanks for sharing this fabulous site!


Oh my God I wish she would hurry up with my manicure so I can go have some vodka!


LiLo remains in character for an upcoming audition for the role of Rocky in the remake of Mask


"Chipped my acrylics on the god damned flip tops, I knew I should've stuck with the twist tops .... Bud Light owes me $46.00 !!"


Sheez! Haven't you seen a coked up lesbo in the morning before?


She says they don't have "Ankle Monitor Black" here. This is bulls---t!


Wait until my boobs are exposed to snap a photo dammit!

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