The Hills Spoilers, Gossip For Season Four

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At a private hilltop location in L.A., The Hills cast and their fans on Monday celebrated the Season Three finale with a blow-out party Monday.

While it was sad to see Season 3 come to an end, there's a whole new year of drama to look forward to in Season 4, beginning in late summer.

Here's a look at what's next for Lauren, Lo, Audrina and others, via some hot spoilers and gossip TV Guide unearthed at the party ...

Boys, Boys, Boys

Expect more, more, more. Lo and Lauren throw a big party in their new pad and invite boys galore. The ever-single Stephanie Pratt feasts her eyes on, well, everyone, and Lauren Conrad may have a new beau (Doug Reinhardt?) in tow. And as for Audrina and Justin Bobby? They're definitely back on. As Audrina herself says, "[Justin] has always been there for me, and he still is."

Friends in Lo Places

As far as Lauren Bosworth (Lo) is concerned, the tension has little to do with her - despite a self-described "foul face" when the topic comes up.

Next season, expect more from Lo's perspective.

"It's disheartening to see me turn into such a bad guy on the show," she said. In Season Four, "You're going to see the other side of the story. I think people need to remember that it's Audrina and Lauren's relationship that's having problems.... It's not my relationship to muck up."

Lauren-Heidi Drama

Don't hold your breath for a relationship thaw between LC and Heidi Montag. Despite Heidi's good-will appearance at Goa, Lauren says she "will probably not" reconcile with Heidi. Ever. As for the growing tension among Audrina, Lauren and Lo, it's just a part of growing up, the girls say. Audrina says she knows her new focus on her career has meant that she's not around as much for Lauren.

Working Girls

As far as careers go, with Lauren officially working side-by-side again with Whitney Port, will there be a turf war at People's Revolution?

Whitney says no.

"I don't like to be alone," Port confided. "I'm used to having lots of girls around me all the time, so it's great to have [Lauren Conrad] around."

As for her own ambitions, Whitney Port may soon be joining the ranks of Lauren and Heidi with her own line, but details are TBD.

For now, designing clothes is simply her "pleasure."

Lauren Bosworth, meanwhile, sees herself hosting for networks like E! and Bravo, and Audrina Patridge has acting on the brain.

To Patridge, her just-announced movie debut in Into the Blue 2 is a "stepping-stone" that might lead, she hopes, to a career like Charlize Theron's.

Don't hold your breath, A.


I agree--KICK LO OFF THE SHOW. she's just hangs on to LC! tha's what LC wants and needs, someone to worship her, and that's why things have become bitter. One day when Lo goes against LC, LC will find herself a one-person army, herself!


STEPHANIE WILL GO but best news is ..... AUDRINA WAS NEVER FRIENDS WITH ANY OF THEM!!! Producers saw her tanning at Hillside Villas and introduced her to L and H when they first got their apt together. THEY THOUGHT SHE WAS HOT SO GOT THE GIRLS TOGETHER. There was no past history at all!!
When STEPHANIE dates Laurens new guy in season 4 all hell breaks loose. Slutty same as Lo, was she not the girl who went home with Brody in Season 2? Whoever it was, Heidi set it up and was evil even then, as she knew Lauren liked Brody and Heidi "gave him the girl" and said Happy BDay!


seriously. keep in mind how young these girls are. most of the drama is the usually growing pains of figuring out how to navigate the real world. That Heidi thinks Spencer is "the one" is naive, but not unexpected. Without the drama of it all, where would the show be? Us watching LC shopping and bar hopping? a little boring. the show is what it is. to pretend otherwise and expect the plot to take on some sort of meaning is like hoping Bush will do something about global warming. It's fluff. Enjoyable fluff, but still meaningless. keep in mind, you have a -choice- about watching it.


Lo is such a schemer, it is quite clear that she pretends she doesn't want to be involved in arguments, but always manages to drop in a sly comment. She causes lots of problems...I'm glad Audrina tells her what's what!
I agree with the Heidi looking a right state. She is a mess, her lips are a joke, especially with all the pouting she does! It's almost as bad as spencer's over sized teeth which stop him from shutting his mouth! Do her parents realise what a low person she turned into as soon as she moved to the hills?- I'd be ashamed.
Lauren is pretty much always bang on with her opinions - you should never let your boyfriend cut out your best friends, you shouldn't ever hook up with your friend's ex's and if you do someone over, there is no reason for them to trust or forgive you ever again!
Also what exactly has brody gone to jail for??!!!
Can't wait for season 4. Get rid of LO!


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Do any of them actually WATCH the show and SEE what's going on, or are they all so shallow? I think the latter. They all need to grow up, but hey maybe life is like that in the Hills. Shallow, ignorant, unkind, backstabbing..........makes good tv though.


when the hell did lo become a main character in this...she should just f*#k off and leave the show to the girls who mage the show what it is today...she had her moment on laguna and she doesnt need another!!!!!


Audrina I think u r a good person. I think u r better if u find a house of ur own to live n, before ur friendship with lauren goes bad. It is hard to live in a house with someone u have became really close to, and live with one of there friends of the past, because jealously becomes a big part of the promblem. I see how u feel about it, because I would feel the same way. Just hold ur head up, think positive and have faith that it will get better.
Good luck on ur movie, I am looking forward to watching it.
U r a great person and never think no different!!!!!!!


I think that lauren should let go of the sex tape and hedi should stop talking bad about lauren she wouldnt like it if someone come on the hills and started gossiping about her so she needs to stop talking about her behind her back its isnt right to talk about someone and lauren and hedi need to have another talk with out spencer being in everyone


Lo and LC need to stick together. Audrina can go with Heidi. Heidi, Spencer and Audrina can go have their own show. Thanks.

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