Suri Cruise: Too Old For the Bottle?

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That's the question of the day. Or just an excuse for us to post some of the recent Suri Cruise pictures we've come across. Anyway, here they are!

As you can see, Suri seems dependent on her bottle and blanket. She just turned two. Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dropping the parenting ball?

Cute Katie and Suri Picture

An adorable collage of recent Suri Cruise photos. Mom's cute, too.

Tell us, celebrity news readers:

Do you think Suri Cruise is the cutest celebrity baby of them all? Should she be weaned off the bottle and blanket sooner than later? Is Katie still hot?


Yes, it is 2011 and the stupid brat is even more spoiled, still has bottles, pacifiers,and keeps being wrapped in blankets while being carried, eats massive amounts of sweets each day, does not have any rules to follow, and is generally treated like a baby, how sad! What Tom and Katie do not know about proper parenting could fill a book! :(


well it is 2011 now and she is 5 years old and she is still using a bottle, being constantly carried by her parents wrapped in a baby blanket.... yet also wearing makeup and high heels....


Suri gets my vote hands down.......
She is beautiful and as for the bottle and blanky.....


suri cruise is the cutest of all the babies in hollywood, look at the hair, the face, the clothes she is wearing, she really looks cute every photo I saw everywhere.


My daughter was born two days after Suri and she has a bottle only occasionally. Suri is still young and there is no harm with her having a bottle. At least it is not a pacifier! As for her blanket, so what! She is a child. If she were a grown up then maybe there would be cause for alarm. Having a blanket at her age with her is completely normal and harmless. Let the baby be.

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