She-Pratt Speaks: An Interview with The Hills' Stephanie

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You either love her, hate her, or don't know quite what to make of her - but if you watch The Hills, you've become familiar with Stephanie Pratt.

Stephanie recently gave an interview with BuddyTV in which she talked about Lauren, Heidi, Spencer and all things Hills. Excerpts below ...

Old Man Spencer

Q: Did you have any reservations about being a regular cast member on The Hills this season? Were you nervous about anything?
Stephanie Pratt
: How it would affect my relationship with Spencer.

Q: How has it affected your relationship with Spencer? You guys have certainly had your ups and downs so far this season.
Stephanie Pratt: I actually don't really want to say anything about Spencer.

Stephanie Pratt with new friends Lauren Bosworth (Lo) and Lauren Conrad.

Q: You and Lauren had a little bit of a blow out last season, now you guys are friends. What made you change your mind about her?
Stephanie Pratt: I was out of town, and then I became really close with my brother's girlfriend. They had this conflict with Lauren, and I was at that club, and they were really upset by her. You know, the fight. I yelled at her, and I felt really bad because that's just not the person I am. The music was loud, and my adrenaline was there, I saw her with Brody Jenner, and I got really upset that Brody was there, because Brody was like a brother to me. Then when I saw her in class I was terrified, but I knew I couldn't sit for nine weeks and not talk to her.

Q: Brody Jenner told Lauren Conrad not to trust you, or to be careful of you. Why do you think he said that?
Stephanie Pratt: I don't know. I actually saw him at the US Weekly party and I asked him. I was like, "Brody, you've known me forever. How can you say that?" And he was like, "I was just trying to create drama."

Q: How has it been being on The Hills? Are you happy that you've been a cast member this season?
Stephanie Pratt: Yes, definitely. It's so much fun.

Q: Are you being recognized when you're out in public?
Stephanie Pratt: Not really, not too much. I was getting ice cream, and this one guy was like, "Stephanie!" That was fun.

Q: How have things been with Heidi Montag so far?
Stephanie Pratt: Um, I actually don't want to talk about her either. I'm sorry.

Q: Have you actually hung out with Audrina and Lo at all?
Stephanie Pratt: Yes, I hung out with Lo when we went to the Us Weekly party. She went with Lauren, and she's really nice, and Audrina's really nice, but I think there's some stuff going on. It's confusing what's going on with them.

Q: Are you still friends with Lauren Conrad? Do you hang out with her?
Stephanie Pratt: Yeah I do. She's not in town right now, but we have the finale party on Monday, and we were just talking about what we're gonna wear. So we still talk.

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I think audrina is the best on the show she keeps it real. Lc was my favorite when the show first started but is bcoming more fake. She needs to realize who her true friends are and get a grip. Lo is a stuck up brat. I would knock her out. Brody is a big gossip girly. Heidi and spencer are the best love ya. Stephanie is a two faced liar. Lauren needs to give that girl a beat down.


Heidi needs to get a lifel and live LC alone. Brody in the other hand needs to stop bing a girl and quit talking sh!# to people about other people GET A F'N LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i cant stand 2 face people who betray you for a man. they need to get a grip. Heidi needs to get a grip because she betrayed lauren. how dare sha applogise and expect lauren to be best friends again. she is lucky that i aint on the show.
Lauren you are unique and special. you dont need people in your life like that in your life. just make sure that your career your first choice. keep up the good work. cant wait for new episodes. luv u millionsz. xXx


hey... maybe she snapped at LC because she was on meth. she was on a trip that's right.. she was here in Hawaii getting arrested for stealing from non other than Nieman Marcus. she's a tweeker.......

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