Spotted Again: Lauren Conrad & Doug Reinhardt!

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Sorry, Stephen Colletti!

In spite of her high-school crush's return on The Hills, Lauren Conrad has a new beau - Doug Reinhardt, 22, a minor leaguer for the Baltimore Orioles.

Photo of LC

Not sure why Doug Reinhardt, who's hitting just .201 career in the minors, doesn't have baseball to play on May 1 - maybe he's injured? - but as long as LC likes him, and he's not a complete jackass, we'll give him a shot.

He's gotta be better than Josh McRoberts, right? Right. The new twosome took their romance public Wednesday, dining al fresco in Los Angeles. There may or may not have been 10 Hills cameras around them ...

What do you think: Do Doug Reinhardt and Lauren Conrad make a cute pair?

UPDATE: An astute reader tells The Hollywood Gossip that Doug Reinhardt is the brother of Casey Reinhardt, a minor player on the second season of - guess - Laguna Beach! Casey likely introduced them. Thanks for the tip!


She sucks..! she is so fake ... ajj!.. but is ok .. he and she are losers




OMg YESSSSSSSSSSSS they are soooo HOTTT together!!!!!


lauren i love you i think you are such a great person and a great roll model and forget about heidi and spencer you have tons of supporting fans on your side. I just read the US weekly issue of you two, like heidi trying to destroy you or whatever and i have one thing to say, FORGET THEM!! dude they are both so ugly like seriously heidi could you look like more of a barbie doll and NOT in a good way! o and jerk face, i mean spencer dude ur soo ugly! lauren dont worry bout a thing all your fans have your back. And heidi get some fricken singing lessons you suuuck!!!! and your video please thats a load fo crap. Also nice clothing line.......NOT your just copying lauren and your jelous cause the only friends you have are stephanie (who your not even nice too) and spencer, your a loser and your time on the hills is ticking away. So anyway we love you lauren always!!


unlike all the comments up there i dont like them 2gether ive always like her and stephen<333


Go Lauren!! He is a cutie! (Forget about those losers and their sex tape rumors) who cares if you have one or not.. Thats not going to change the way I think of you .. or how millions of other girls think of you.. its all a publicity thing.. you dont need to stoop to their level!


i'm really hoping that Doug and Lauren will make it through..he's kinda hot..


he plays for Aberdeen, which is short season, single A. So he won't start until June 1st. Duh!


they are hot together


He is sooo cute!!! way to go for Lauren, I hope it works out for them, Id love to see her have a long term relationship with someone. And he is 100 times hotter than spencer so it makes it even better lol

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