Spencer Pratt Denies Jason Wahler Sex Tape Denial

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Spencer Pratt is sticking to his story that the Jason Wahler-Lauren Conrad sex tape existed, even if it doesn't exist right now.

LC's ex, Jason Wahler said yesterday in a statement:

"I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist. Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention. Lauren Conrad is a close friend of mine and it is insulting to her to suggest this."

But Spencer Pratt, who said on the Tyra Banks Show late last week that he's 100 - nay, 1,000 - percent sure the tape existed, countered:

"Jason's statement couldn't be more transparent. Notice how he uses present tense, 'I DO not have a sex tape... one DOES not exist.'"

"We all know that it existed, that he tried to sell it and is now covering up to make himself look better," the smarmy Hills villain said.

Tell us, which of these jackasses from The Hills do you believe regarding the Lauren Conrad sex tape: Spencer Pratt or Jason Wahler?

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I believe spencer iwish someone in the media would pull their card about wanting to take a lie detector test....


i don't believe either but if i had to choose one i would choose jason. Spencer is just a slime ball who wants some attention. Heidi and him deserve each other


Spencer is one very bitter jealous loser.Lauren has a lot more dignity and self respect then Spencer n Heidi will ever have combined.It dont matter if there was a sex tape or not,Its Laurens Business,nothing to do with Spencer.He is just jealous Lauren has achieved more in her life then he has.Spencer has not worked a day in his life yet.And not once has Lauren retaliated to SPencer N Heidis ongoing attack of her.Shows who the better person here.Lauren i respect a great deal as do alot of other people.


im pretty sure with every celeb we have heard the whole "sex tape scandal" about them. Sierously , like Spencer is lieing i personally think , because there was so much other things he could have said that might have been beleievable about Lauren .. but a sex tape come on , its the most common rumor about someone that can be spread. I'm sorry Spencer , but get some original LIES you can tell the press.


i just cannot stand the googly-eyed spencer. i don't care about this little "scandal" i jujst don't want to see that loser's face anymore.


jason of course... spencer is so annoying... god where his dad to give him a good kick up the arse!!


Which one do I believe or how much do I care? It's taken a year but the Bland Ambition Media Tour has finally figured out a way to put a spin on their own scandal....turn the issue into whether or not the tape ever existed. How quickly we've forgotten the issue was whether or not Speidi was spreading the rumor about the tape, a claim they denied, but now seem to be justifying their rumor-spreading by being willing to testify that it did exist. Who csres? It doesn't exist anymore, and they weren't even on the tape, so how is this now their news?? Once again they are taking old news and making it an excuse for more media attention. These two losers are as pathetic as ever. Please, let them really have their own tv show so they can see for themselves that no one really cares what they're doing.


spencer pratt is a LIAR. its obvious from the show that he lies to heidi and is the BIGGEST douche bag EVER!


who cares!!! i cant understand why spencer gets any airtime the guy it a pratt!! he really contributes nothing why is he even in the show??


spencer...he is a bit of advise
try concerning yourself with heidi's dreadful singing career and less sweating LC...lord know your skank needs all the help she could get and please really no one cares anymore about LC sex tape. if she has one what is it your business,