Spencer Pratt Denies Jason Wahler Sex Tape Denial

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Spencer Pratt is sticking to his story that the Jason Wahler-Lauren Conrad sex tape existed, even if it doesn't exist right now.

LC's ex, Jason Wahler said yesterday in a statement:

"I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist. Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention. Lauren Conrad is a close friend of mine and it is insulting to her to suggest this."

But Spencer Pratt, who said on the Tyra Banks Show late last week that he's 100 - nay, 1,000 - percent sure the tape existed, countered:

"Jason's statement couldn't be more transparent. Notice how he uses present tense, 'I DO not have a sex tape... one DOES not exist.'"

"We all know that it existed, that he tried to sell it and is now covering up to make himself look better," the smarmy Hills villain said.

Tell us, which of these jackasses from The Hills do you believe regarding the Lauren Conrad sex tape: Spencer Pratt or Jason Wahler?

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Did anyone watch The Hills at all? Spencer lied about basically everything and talked shit. He was always lying.. aghh.


I believe Spencer.




i would just like to see the two of them in a street fight. then we'll see who is really telling the truth


OMG! I believe Jason. Because I think LC is too smart to make one. But, both Jason and Spencer are losers. And if Jason & LC had one, why the hell is it Spencer & Heidi's business. Spencer needs professional help, he has major stalking issues the way he chases after Heidi. And that dumb blond, deserves to get fired. I can't believe she left with him. She's such the idiot, but she probably knows that no one else would take her.


Im sorry but dont you all think that if jason had a sex tape he would probably say something. I mean its not like he has the best repuation or anything. He really has nothing to lose I dont see him denying it if he had one. SPencer is a loser who needs to grow up seriously no one cares about anything he has to say.


spencer doesnt have a life at all cause why does he keep having 2 say there is 1 i mean he could just drop it but nooooooooooo he wants 2 make sure ever 1 knows well guess wat there isnt a sex tap


I believe Jason! Why does Spencer make it his business to prove that a Sex Tape exists? Is it because he has no other job? I mean we all know he's a complete douche, but when is he going to let off? So what if there was one or is one! Why does he care so much to make it "known" to the public? I just think that there are some things that you do when you're in a loving romantic relationship and those things are private. Maybe it's because deep down Spence wanted to make it with LC...or maybe it's because he's jealous that his plastic girlfriend won't do one with him.


I hate Spencer, but I DO believe him. I think Jason Wahler would be likely to do something like that. Plus, I think Lauren probably knew that Heidi and Spencer were the only ones who knew about the tape, so she automatically knew it was them. If I wrote a steamy love note and told only my BFF about it, and then there was gossip about it online -- I would, of course, blame my BFF. I love Lauren a lot, and don't like Heidi at all. But I really do think there WAS a sex tape and that Spencer and Heidi used its existence to get in the papers. I don't think Spencer is lying, and Jason Wahler DID use PAST tense in his quote. Good catch, Spencer (even though I really, really don't like you)!


I believe spencer iwish someone in the media would pull their card about wanting to take a lie detector test....