Shayne Dahl Lamas & Matt Grant: The Proposal

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We've talked about it at length, but in case you can't get enough of Matt Grant and Shayne Dahl Lamas, here's a video of them getting engaged on The Bachelor on Monday night. You may tear up (or vomit in your mouth) at will.


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congratulations to you both from another grant, me linda! Grant, you make a wonderful couple. please stay together!!!!


I think it is wonderful for both of them!! They make a beautiful couple, may they always be good to each other, may God richly bless their lives together. I enjoy replaying the films, it is so nice to see two happy people with respect and love for each other. It makes me cry when I see Shayne realize what he's saying and the giving of the beautiful ring, I believe it almost knotted her off her feet. God Bless you both.


Matt & Shayne,congratulations on your engagement!I've never seen a happier couple (besides my husband and me--LOL). I know that you're going to have a terrific marriage,and I'm so happy for both of you.God Bless You Both!!


congratulations and may the lord bless u both. shayne take care of urself. best of luck to the both of u.


EW EW EW!!!! def. threw up in my mouth...OMG SHE'S SUUUUUCH AN ACTRESS....A BAD ONE, too. yeah just faint n miss the proposal or say yes n call it off in a few months.....such a joke this whole thing...


they are so cute together. i wish them the best.


WhoooHOOOO! Congratulations to you both. It was so obvious to those of us following the show that you were totally MEANT to be together. I was on pins and needles hoping it turned out this way! Have a wonderful life together!


I thought it was a beautiful proposal. I'm hoping what they have will last a lifetime. I hope they learn to grow with each other and live their lives by the Good Book and cherish each other, because life it to short not too.