Rihanna and Chris Brown: The Love-Fest Continues!!

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The romance rages on for Rihanna and Chris Brown, who spent Wednesday night at a Kanye West concert at Spotlight Live, a hip Times Square restaurant, a karaoke bar - and possibly the bedroom! Yeah!

One day after Rihanna helped Brown celebrate his 19th birthday at a Manhattan club (his actual b-day was May 5) the pair got even more HOT and affectionate in plain view of other concert-goers.

A Sexy Rihanna Pic

Chris Brown draped his arm around Rihanna, 20, as the two flirted, danced, clapped and sang along to the short concert. As Kanye West left the stage, Rihanna leaned over and - OMFG - planted a big kiss on Brown.

The couple then hung out with some friends in back.

OGLING AWAY: Officially, Chris Brown and Rihanna are on the DL, but one can only deny such an obvious, sexy relationship for so long, people.

An hour after the concert, music's smoldering new couple retreated out the back door, posing for pictures - but only separately.

Chris Brown and Rihanna both stopped when fans asked to take photos with them, but they declined to be photographed together.

Although they've been spotted hooking up from Les Deux to Europe to the Caribbean - including a romantic vacation in Jamaica in February - Brown and Rihanna won't publicly confirm their love.

Earlier this month, Rihanna shared the most information yet when she told Elle Magazine that she and Brown had become "very close."


i hate rihanna because chris brown . she tell my man . chris brown . ilove chris brown


rihanna and chrisbrown look so good they even makes a good couple and they are ment to be only thing is that people like to hate syop hate bitches chris brown no want none a uno bitches leave them alone and mind uno own.


omg chris u and rihanna make a great couple and cant nobody else tell yall other wise. i mean rihanna is a very pretty woman..a lot of people are like eww they go out uugh.. well i love u guys and always will and i know u guys got a lil something else goin on...LOL...and keep up doin the great work on you guysez songs...ily..!!!!
u should hit me up on myspace.com/lilmama44583


Chris i know that u no that u r a nice sexy guy and you probably can have anygurl that you like but u know that riahanna probably aint the gurl for u know way.but well i like rihanna more than jordan sparks she hella ugly...but yea u guys mise well jus date i mean tha picthures yall took together like in the pool and rihanna all ova u man u can honestly do wayyy better..but its all koo doe u know i love u for ever..and i love ur song forever... me nd u for ever...lol...but yeah ur soo awesome i will always love u no matter who u date...!!!
you should hit me up on myspace.com/lilmama44583......


OMFG,Chris I know u can do better than that,it wouldn't be so bad if u've chosen jordin sparks but rihanna,I hate her so F****** much,u've just blown it ,a cute guy like u with that F****** THING,I still luv u but u've just got me pissed.


ok chris whAts da deal?
i hate rhianna cuz chris said he would be 'loyal' 2 his fans where the do rhianna get off trynna get all up on dat boy?
so unfair


I think that you people on these message boards are really disrespectful!!! You people are not true fans of Chris brown if you were you would be happy for him no matter what that's what a true fan is and none of you define that except for one and she knows who she is. Chris is happy and that's all that should matter. Just because he makes songs and sings and performs for you doesn't mean you're his girlfriend. You can't expect for him not to have a personal life it's not fair and he can do as he pleases. On the other Rihanna is a beautiful girl with a lot of talent and you all are just hating on her because you are not her. My overall statement as far as their relationship is that they live happily ever after!! Long live Chrisanna!!! LOL!!


bitch you better stay away from my man


well, I'm happy for Chris Brown and Rihanna. I love them both when they came out with there first hit song. People hate because they together. Fans want to be with Chris Brown/Rihanna. I understand because I'm in love with Chris Brown, not because his song, or looks. I love his personality and he's not like other rappers who curse in there songs. I love his songs of course, but that shouldnt always matter, right? I'm happy for Rihanna and Chris Brown and i wish them the best. Let them be in love, you wouldnt want no one get between you and the person that you love. Let them be. I love you chris brown && rihanna <33


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! grossssssssssssssssssss!

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