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We already know that Brooke Hogan can't dress herself.

Now, it turns out the daughter of Hulk Hogan can't drive well, either; she was involved minor car collision in Clearwater, Florida yesterday.

Pole Dancer

The singer and star of scripted reality show Hogan Knows Best collided with another vehicle around 4 p.m., as the driver of the other car attempted to change lanes and lost control of his vehicle, colliding head-on with Hogan's Mercedes.

The Hogans know best. About how to get into car accidents.

On May 9, of course, Brooke's brother Nick Bollea was sentenced to eight months Florida's Pinellas County Jail for felony reckless driving after pleading no contest in in court.

Looks like this family does know best, when it comes to getting into accidents!

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White is actually one of my favorite colors. I have a white car. I love white.

- Kim Kardashian

Kim Bowls

While these words may contradict Kardashian's apparent taste in men, they seemed appropriate over the weekend, as Kim and boyfriend Reggie Bush hosted a white party at The White House, a sprawling nightclub in Hampton Bays.

"When the opportunity came up to be in the Hamptons â€" I'd never been in the Hamptons before â€" and to host a white party at the White House, it just seemed right," Kim told People.

Also seeming right to Kim Kardashian these days? The man on her arm. She credited Bush for keeping her company at the event.

"The fact that he came with me all the way to the Hamptons on his day off when all of his friends are in Las Vegas on their usual â€" you know, [getaway]," Kardashian said, when asked what makes Reggie a good boyfriend

When asked if she'd like to have kids one day and get married, Kardashian replied that "yes, of course. I'd love to get married."

She and Bush then kissed for reporters. Yes, even now, Kim can't keep her romantic actions away from a camera.

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We're not talking about her lame appearances on How I Met Your Mother this time. We're talking about what actually made Britney Spears famous.

Looking hot, dancing suggestively and pretending to sing.

After her vacation, Britney Spears is back in the recording studio, working with J.R. Rotem and doing well, according to several celeb news sources.

"Britney is in the experimental stages of a new album... She's trying to find the sound and direction she wants to go in,"  a source told MSNBC.

"But nothing is set in stone just yet. She has been playing the piano a lot and just singing. She says she misses ‘just singing.'"

Could this be the beginning of a comeback for Britney Spears?

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Move over, Anna Kournikova!

You had your (hot) time in the spotlight as the best looking player ever on the professional women's tennis tour. Ashley Harkleroad is now looking to take that title from you, going to extreme, naked lengths in order to do so.

Ashley Harkleroad Nude Photo

Likely inspired by the Amanda Beard nude pictorial in Playboy, Harkleroad told reporters yesterday that she'll appear in the August edition of that magazine.

Ashley Harkleroad nude in Playboy? This will become a reality later this summer.

Harkleroad, 23, will be the first tennis player to appear in Playboy. Unlike WWE Divas, this demographic simply hasn't discovered the pay day that awaits them by getting naked for the publication. But that could soon change.

"I'm proud of my body. I was representing a female athlete's body," Harkleroad said.

We hope you're listening, Maria Sharapova.

** UPDATE: We've uncovered a few of these Ashley Harkleroad Playboy pics. Visit this star's image gallery now to check them out.

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Despite no acting credits to her name, and being on someone else's reality show, she's one of the most-buzzed about people in Hollywood these days.

Audrina Patridge, as we saw the other night when she and Justin-Bobby were given an A-list welcome at an L.A. club, is the real deal.

For another 14 minutes, anyway.

The Hills' hottie was spotted leaving Fusion Hair Salon in L.A., this weekend with a sexy new long, straight hairstyle.

What do you think of Audrina Patridge and her new look?

New Reality Star

Audrina Patridge's new hairstyle? Love it or shove it?

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With new new album, Identified, set to be released on July 1, Vanessa Hudgens recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to promote the CD.

Here's what she had to say about a trio of singles from it:

Sneakernight: The strange song title sums up the video, as Vanessa and friends just spend the night, hanging out in sneakers.

"When I show the video, I was like, ‘I cannot believe I'm wearing sneakers for the first time in a music video!' It was awesome."

Will you buy Identified, from Vanessa Hudgens, when it comes out?

First Bad Habit: Hudgens said this song is "about when you like a hug so much but know he's a complete aâ€"hole." Wait, is that a dig at Zac Efron? No, Hudgens assures her fans, the event described above "hasn't happened to me, but a lot of my friends have gone through so much crap."

Gone with the Wind: "And now I'm standing my ground/And who I am/For that I'm proud," she declares in this ballad. What does that mean, exactly?

"I just kind of went for it…. The song basically means: I know a lot more, and that timidness and naïveté is gone with the wind.

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Amy Winehouse has confirmed she is still working on the theme music for Quantum of Solace. But not without a hefty dose of heroin drama.

It was reported that bosses were in talks with Beyonce to replace the wife of Blake Fielder-Civil, but Winehouse says it didn't happen.

"I've written the song. If they like it, they like it," she said. "If they don't, then they don't. It's out of my hands."

Amy Whine-House

Winehouse went on to say, in a roundabout way, that she's pissed at the Bond bosses, telling the UK's Daily Star:

"I've done loads of crack Bond songs ... there are loads of good ones I'm really happy with. I don't know what is wrong with them or what the problem is, to be honest. It's there, ready and done. It's up to them if they want it or not."

A source close to the Bond producers claim it's a delicate stage:

"[Amy Winehouse] is still seen as damaged goods - she will have to prove she's on the road to recovery before she's signed up."

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Over the weekend, we reported that Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson were spotted smooching at a party in Cannes. We couldn't provide visual evidence of the trip to first base between this new couple, however.

Fortunately, our celebrity gossip photographer refused to rest until they could prove that the actress was  and cyclist were enjoying a romantic Tour de Lance together.

With that in mind, here's a shot of Hudson and Armstrong in Monaco yesterday. The cozy couple arrived in the city for the Formula 1 Grand Prix and hopped aboard a boat, nary a care in the world except for each other...

Turn away, Owen Wilson. Kate Hudson really is dating Lance Armstrong.

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