For someone who spends as much time naked as Lindsay Lohan, you wouldn't think she'd need to steal clothing from multiple young women.

Yet in the wake of Coat-Gate, another enemy of Firecrotch has come out of the woodwork, accusing the waifish actress of bogarting her stuff.

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To each celeb gossip site its own.

Some of us are obsessed with The Hills. Others like to start Katie Holmes pregnancy rumors every other week. Standard fare, really.

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You either love her, hate her, or don't know quite what to make of her - but if you watch The Hills, you've become familiar with Stephanie Pratt.

Stephanie recently gave an interview with BuddyTV in which she talked about Lauren, Heidi, Spencer and all things Hills. Excerpts below ...

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The contestants on Rock the Cradle received a pleasant surprise Thursday - their audience doubled when Britney Spears showed up to watch the season finale in person and support her former manager, Larry Rudolph.

Rudolph is the producer of Rock The Cradle, which pits aspiring pop stars, all of whom have rock and roll in their DNA, against one another in a competition. Sort of like American Idol, only not at all popular.

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