Obvious Couple Alert: Daisy de la Hoya and Dave Navarro

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There are certain things The Hollywood Gossip staff never thought we'd see. Like someone cheating on Shania Twain.

There are other happenings within the entertainment news world that we saw coming 10 miles away. Like Daisy de la Hoya dating Dave Navarro.

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

These two were spotted coming out of a Hollywood club together this week. And while "dating" may not be the proper word to describe what's going on here, this is a family website. So we'll just say Daisy and Dave are headed back to his place for ice cream sundaes.

No Bret Michaels? No problem! Daisy de la Hoya has found another washed up rock star.


This bitch is not "famous", perhaps infamous.
She'll be off the radar within a few months, unless she keeps up w/ her strategy of dating famous rockers to mooch of their celebrity. As for being nice? Yeah, nice like a 6 year old.
She's really slow.


Is Daisy about to rocket to fame via a scandalous tape of her an Dave eating ice cream sundaes? If you like the Hollywood Gossip, you will probably also like http://www.funnycelebrity.blog...


That's interesting cause I have met her and she was such a sweety. I really liked her personality and her friendliness. As far as being famous, well, you better try google'ing her name, cause I just did and for sure, she is famous. I wonder what this person thinks is famous, the very fact he/she is on here posting is plain and simple fact that Daisy is famous.

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