Nick Bollea Sentenced to Eight Months in Jail

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Nick Bollea, also known as Nick Hogan, was sentenced to eight months in Pinellas County (Fla.) Jail for felony reckless driving Thursday.

The sentence was handed down after he pleaded no contest in court.

A judge also gave the quasi-reality TV star five years probation, 500 hours of community service and a three-year drivers license revocation.

Nick Bollea will not be able to drink for the duration of his probation, and will attend DUI education classes within one year.

Nick Bollea, pictured in November above, will do time.

The 17-year-old Nick Bollea donned a light colored suit to Pinellas County Court and stared straight ahead as the sentence was read.

Sitting behind him was a black-clad Hulk Hogan, who was seen praying during the proceedings and grew teary-eyed, sister Brooke Hogan, who wore a top with the shoulders cut out, and Hulk's soon-to-be ex-wife, Linda Hogan.

Nick Bollea was arrested last November on reckless-driving charges stemming from an August 26
car crash. An eyewitness said Bollea and a pal were racing at more than 100 mph when Nick's yellow Toyota Supra slammed into a tree.

Two hours later, alcohol was detected in his bloodstream.

John Graziano, who was in Nick Bollea's passenger seat and not wearing his seat belt, was seriously injured. A report filed in court in September said he will likely spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home.

"My life now consists of 10 hours each day at a hospital watching my son suffer," John's father said in a statement.

"Nick has shown no remorse for what he's done for my son.

Added John Graziano's sister: "We have never once heard him apologize for what he's done or take any responsibility for any of his actions."

Hulk Hogan said that he loved John "like a son," and Nick told the Graziano family that he "loved John to death" and hadn't driven since that night.

"I think there has to be some punishment," the judge said, disagreeing with the defense claiming the crash was an accident. "But I believe there is a sincere desire, a sincere apology, to change things... [but] there are consequences for what you do in these circumstances."

Nick Hogan will next appear in court on November 11 to address restitution to the family of John Graziano.


This was an accident. Yeah Nick shouldn't have been driving like an idiot, but all of the blame cant be put on him. His friend probably knew that nick had been drinking and was probably drinking himself. And if i was in the car with someone who was driving the way nick was i would have said something if i felt like was in danger. Just because Graziano wasnt driving doesn't mean that he was in disagreement to the way nick was.And someone doesn't have to tell me to put my seat belt on when i get in there car i just do it. It could have happened to any one who was driving normal even.


That sucks ass.


Nick Bollea is a psychopath and should have been locked up forever but this is america, the criminal coddler capitol of the world. You're allowed to drive drunk and at 100mph and if you destroy someone's life, you just say the magic words "hey dood, it was an accident", and do an easy 8 months and all is forgiven.


I watched Nancy Grace today and listened in disgust at jail tapes of the "Hogan" family blaming John's family and Nick whining that he missed riding in the escalade and going out on the boat. How about John? Think of what he's going to miss the rest of his life!! They are worried that they are going to have to fork out some cash. Well sorry, but John is going to have to need care for the rest of his life, and that isn't cheap. Should have thought about that when Hulk was buying beer for the spoiled brat. What a bunch of spoiled disfunctional people!!


I agree with Lu: Nick was the one most at fault here. Although John was not wearing a seatbelt, Nick was acting the height of immaturity. Well, guess what??? HE ISN'T MATURE. I believe he has been brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth and never made to "own up" to anything, until now. whoa is Nick for what he has to go through sitting in a jail cell. There's "nothing to think about"? Well, Nick, here's a suggestion:
think about what you did to your "best friend" because, as most immature people believe "it's not gunna happen to me". You have ruined a young man's life and that of his family. Sorry, but Dad's $$$ isn't going to get you out of this one.


Unfortunetly I spotted Nick's fall form grace a mile away when watching Hogan Knows Best. He was too young and too fast. His parents even let him race expensive sports cars without even having a license! I'm sorry, but Hogan does not know best. His son is in a lot of trouble after turning a blind eye and not setting proper boundries for their teenage boy.


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