New Couple Alert: Sheryl Crow and John Cassimus

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Lance Armstrong, who?

Sheryl Crow has moved on from the seven-time Tour de France champion. Rumor has it the singer is dating John Cassimus, a restaurateur from Birmingham, Ala.

"They're enjoying getting to know each other," said a source, who added Jay Barker, the new fiance of Sara Evans, introduced the pair.

"Jay got them together in March. John, who's also a pilot, has been flying his plane to Nashville to see her. They've kept it pretty low-key â€" cooking together, riding horses, going up in his plane."


I saw John at a local bar and he had two hooker looking women with him. Hey he is Greek what do you expect?


I like to eat food


I am a former employee of his company, and I will tell you that from what I have heard about his dating life, it will probably not last long. I have met him a few times, and he seems very fake.


I know John as well and yes it's definitely a bad thing for Sheryl! She clearly knows nothing about him.


OOOh! Not a good thing for Sheryl!! I know him from Birmingham!!! Not a good thing at all!


Good for her! She's a super talented babe, in her 40s, no less! She needs a real man! Not that Armstrong wasn't a real man, but most men in Hollywood are lacking!!

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