New Couple Alert: Aubrey O'Day and Jesse McCartney

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As far as couples go, we can't say the following one is all that shocking.

Danity Kane hottie Aubrey O'Day is reportedly dating bad boy, Jesse McCartney. They were spotted at Marquee lounge in New York City on Wendesday night.

Skanky Aubrey O'Day
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*that comes from personal experience :)


jesse, u could do SO much better, but all that counts is that u like her and i hope she likes u back. im happy if ur happy. forget wat everyone else says. if u want to be with her, then be with her.


and the ho is not hot


jesse all i have to say is that aulbery is a slut and u deserves better she admit that she has 4 other boyfriend think about it jesse i really think u can do better she was the last person i though u would be with please think more then twice with that hoe she really bad i never like her and i love u don't think am hating because am's not she just a slut and she not good for u anyway as long as u happy


jesse i love u since u were in dream street i really don't think aulbery is good for u because she admit that is has more then 4 boyfriend she don't deserves u at all all i want to see u happy if she makes u happy stay but really sit down and think about it u can do better i love u


BAD BOY!!??=]=]=]...ok..i hate her.(Srry for her fans) but i don't like them together ..anywhy i don't think they will be together very much time...=)=)


Hahaha i like her. Im a huggge jmac fan. Have been for 7 years. There isnt a huge age difference people. 3 years. Hes 21 and shes 24. And he isnt a good boy. Thats stereo typing. Just cuz he did the boyband thing. He talks about sex is some of his songs on his new album :] plus at least aubrey can sing. katie cassidy was a wannabe. She thought she was hot sh*t cuz her dads david cassidy. But im happy 4 him. I doubt it will last however lol


wat tha hell she does look 2 old wen shes with him..i mean shes really pretty and i like her musik...but i mean come on.....jesse y culdnt u have pickedd me lol jkjk


shes a slut. jesse dont do it!


i hope they arn't datin coz i hate that girl she's such i slut.please jesse don't date her please i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu