Minka Kelly: Derek Jeter's Best Yet?

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The mystery guy spotted slinking around the Empire Hotel with the gorgeous Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly this week was ... Derek Jeter?

While Kelly's publicist has been quiet regarding the male suitor, rumors are flying that Kelly and Jeter dined at Kobe Club on Monday night.

If it's true, Minka Kelly has joined some truly elite company. Derek Jeter's girlfriends of yore include some huge names - and juicy gossip.

Let's take a look at how DJ's conquests rank on a scale of 1-10:

Minka Kelly
Pros: Beautiful, talented, relatively untarnished save for brief fling with John Mayer.
Cons: None we can think of!
Rank: 10

Jessica Biel

Pros: Have you seen the sink pic?
Cons: Fizzled too fast.
Rank: 8

Gabrielle Union
Pros: Before seeing Gabrielle Union nude, Derek probably got to see her in her cheerleader outfit from Bring It On.
Cons: Who?
Rank: 6

Jessica Alba
Pros: Fairly obvious.
Cons: Married some random dude named Cash Warren instead; Jeter may have given her herpes.
Rank: 4

Scarlett Johansson
Pros: Got to hit that before she got engaged.
Cons: No pictures of them together to prove it.
Rank: 6

Alex Rodriguez
Pros: Jeter got to keep playing shortstop; Fans hate A-Rod.
Cons: Jeter receives less money and attention, Yankees fewer titles.
Rank: 3

Jordana Brewster
Pros: An underrated, natural beauty.
Cons: Actress perhaps best known for The Fast and the Furious and a recurring role on As the World Turns. That show's not even good!
Rank: 6

Mariah Carey
Pros: Seemed to really connect and hit it off for a significant length of time.
Cons: Conflicting careers, egos, schedules proved too much to reconcile in the end.
Rank: 8

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derek and minka are meant to be!


Minka is a gold digger - a skank !!!! Too young for him - she looks like his younger sister. He needs an older, classier girl.


I loved Vida Guerra. Now she IS hot!! They looked cute together. Minka looks like a snotty brat. I think if they do get married he had better get a really good lawyer and prenup, lol. I wouldn't give that marriage long. I think she's just wanting to earn some sort of status and then move on.


lets not forget vanessa minnillo, i think he should have stayed with her, although minka does resemble her, hair color, etc. He's hot, she's not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hooboy is that minka cuter than a bug in a rug or what! Wowza--she shore is a looker. I bet she nary has an opening on her dance card. I must, however, concede that she pales in comparison to the two finest looking damsels in Tinseltown--Emmanuel "Vigoda" Lewis and Jabba "the" Middler. Now them's what I call hoochie mommas!!




ok.....Jessica Biel from 7th heaven?......Have u ever seen her on that show?....>She isn't even freakin hot.....I personally think she is nasty......Minka Kelly aka "Lyla"......damn.....I would do her like 10 times in one night....I would even ask Riggs to make sure he was cool with it.....Which he probably wouldnt be.....Him and Street would kick my ass


she is average,nothing about her stands out,she is pretty but does'nt look as good as derek jeter's ex's vanessa minnillo,jessica beil,jessica alba,k.d aubert and the many others she is ok and fnl sucks to me i did'nt care for the show...she looks blah!! and boring she blends in the crowd does'nt stand out..


derek jeter her next target to move up the hollywood ladder!!!!!!!!derek you better call donald faison she is crazy