Miley Cyrus Hates 7 Things About You

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Well, maybe not you. But Miley Cyrus is hating 7 things about someone in her latest single, aptly titled "7 Things."

In the song, off the album that hits stores on July 22, Cyrus croons about an ex-boyfriend. It's Avril Lavigne-like in its teen angst and sample lyrics include:

Being a Street Walker

"You're vain, your games, you're insecure/You love me, you like her/You make me laugh, you make me cry."

Once her new album comes out in July, Miley Cyrus will have forgotten all about the recent topless photo scandal.

But the number-one thing Miley hates about this unnamed individual? He makes her love him. That's profound.

Listen to the song NOW and let us know what you think.

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i really don't like miley's song 7 things i hate about you but i love every other song she did


Hey, I just wanted to say i agree that you WERE a good role-model until you went and desided to put pics on the net. Me and my friend have pics of you on our wall and we wonder where did that miley go. I mean you an AMAZING singer but, if your just gunnah be the next britney spears then im not gunnah even listen to your music anymore. i still like you and i understand how hard to would be to be a star and lets just say alot of people have learned from you. Keep up the new songs. If i dont hear about anymore bad photos i will buy your CD by the way i still really am a great fan just PLEASE stop the pics. well stop bye.


every1 stfu except 4 sarahh nd jordan.! emily..hasnt crossed ur mind that maybe she's trying out new song styles..who r u 2 tell her wat right 4 her nd wat isnt.! nd haley..u nd ur friends need 2 stop hatin on miley.! its not her fault she prettier then u.! u nd ur little frendsz really need 2 get a life.! btw..luv ur new song miley.! its awesome.!!


hi miley a couple of months ago i heard about the racy photos of you now my friends and i HATE you you are losing a LOT of fans doing the photos i just wished you would stop so my friends and i can go back to listening to your music but like i said we hate your guts now that you have done it and a lot of other people dont like anymore either so STOP if you want a lot of your fans back.


Hi,miley you are so hot i can name a millon things abot