Miley Cyrus Hates 7 Things About You

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Well, maybe not you. But Miley Cyrus is hating 7 things about someone in her latest single, aptly titled "7 Things."

In the song, off the album that hits stores on July 22, Cyrus croons about an ex-boyfriend. It's Avril Lavigne-like in its teen angst and sample lyrics include:

Being a Street Walker

"You're vain, your games, you're insecure/You love me, you like her/You make me laugh, you make me cry."

Once her new album comes out in July, Miley Cyrus will have forgotten all about the recent topless photo scandal.

But the number-one thing Miley hates about this unnamed individual? He makes her love him. That's profound.

Listen to the song NOW and let us know what you think.

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if you want untalented singers listen to the stupid brothers! fyi thats jonas brothers. miley is way better.


heya miley, love da new song! you go girl! oh ya forget da vanity fair or whateva pics. just rememba dat your TRUE fans will look past 'em.


I Think the song is very good it shows how somethimes guys can be jerks when the are with their friends but when they are not with the friends they are really sweet....not all the guys are like this but i know one who is....but I don't like him i like somone else LOL overall it is a good song LOL


well im not really a HUGE fan of miley cyrus, just because i like the indie rock type of music. but i really like her song 7 things, because i think that a lot of people can relate to it and i love the lyrics, its exactly how i feel. but i think that she should stop with the pictures, a lot of little kids watch her show and stuff, and she's not setting a good example/being a good role model for them. and for the people that dont like her, you must seriously have no life if you sit here, saying how much you hate her. and for that person who wrote about her mom, thats just really rude. you're entitled to your own opinion but if you don't like her just leave her alone.


I wish she did hate 7 things about me.Here's what I would said about her mama=her mama is so fat that when she bungee jumped she went straight to hell and and also when God was creating her she was so big that God got too tired.


Okay she is nice but all the pics makes me to puke! If she stop all this nonsens than it will be great! She is only 15 so, she must know the limit for a 15 old girl!!!


Helloooooooooooo as im concerned my frenz, cousins & those people i knew they hate miley cyrus! And i hate her so much cause she's so like action' showing off uyou noe things like that so i hate her!!!


This song's pretty good! But it's kinda funny, this stuff about these 'racy' pictures. A lot of her songs from her first album mentioned how she is an ordinary girl and she is! Everyone puts so much pressure on her to be completely perfect. Seriously, most 15 year olds are doing stuff like this. I'm not a huge Miley fan, but give her a break!


hey miley , i hate you , stop being such a poser , urgh be orginal , now you wanna be like avril ?
please ! urgh i hate you .


i agree ashley!!!!!