Miley Cyrus Hates 7 Things About You

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Well, maybe not you. But Miley Cyrus is hating 7 things about someone in her latest single, aptly titled "7 Things."

In the song, off the album that hits stores on July 22, Cyrus croons about an ex-boyfriend. It's Avril Lavigne-like in its teen angst and sample lyrics include:

Being a Street Walker

"You're vain, your games, you're insecure/You love me, you like her/You make me laugh, you make me cry."

Once her new album comes out in July, Miley Cyrus will have forgotten all about the recent topless photo scandal.

But the number-one thing Miley hates about this unnamed individual? He makes her love him. That's profound.

Listen to the song NOW and let us know what you think.


Are Miley, Demi & all the other girls aware of the fact thatprecious Nicky has FLAT FEET????


Miley I hate you so so so so MUCH! I can't take your stupid girly music!, ANYMORE! Afsara also hates your songs she wants to challenge you into a mixed-martail arts kick-boxing match! She also wants to knock you out and give you brues!
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHAAA!!!!!!!!! Also Jason Sanchez likes you wooo yoo! BUT! WAIT FOR THE NEXT LETTER IT WILL GIVE you directions on how to survive jason! HAHAHAHAHHAHAA!


im 25 years can i listen and enjoy this song?


hey miley


i hate miley!! she is a slut!! miley dont u noe u r a role model for kids n here u r posing topless!!wat are u trying to show the kids??!!


i have always wanted to meet you but we can afford your vip tickets I love you miley


this is waht u sound like "oh i have limos and money oh oh oh hahahaha whatever. if u ask me that was a jerky coment oh my gosh im sooooooooooooo rich i have obsessed miley fans waiting ta my house oh oh oh and quess every poor people iam so rich i can even get her number hehehe i a so rich u acted pretty spoiled in that coment and another word i will not say to be nice oh and i have tons of stars ni=umbers but quess what i dont brag about it it is actually possible jessica


kinda obvious who she wrote the song about, nick jonas, duh....she hinted it on miley world one of the videos said 7 things (her recent music video and song) was about some one. these r her exact words. " well it is about someone im not gonna tell u who though." and then she started talking about how it relates to girls who hate there boyfriends. and i think it was the mst obvious thing ever becaus the song says " ur vain, ur games, ur insecure, u love me u like her u made me laugh u made me cry i dont know which side to buy ur friends theyre jerks when u act like this just know it hurts i wanna be with the one i know and the 7 things i hate the most that u do, u make me love u" it all says nick jonas i mean that is just so him u can easily tell. it took like too seconds to figure that out


ok seriously people. who cares. shes an artest, shes chageing her sound thats what they do. i think its beter this way. and u say shes losing all these fans? well thats probably what shes trying to do. get away from all the little 7 year olds so she can do what she wants for once. and those pictures? let me ask u this, if ur over 9 then u really to get more mature, but there not that bad! every ones flipping out over nothing. and i like this song. i tells me stuff about nick :D


i hate the miley cyrus 7 things song by the way who did she make it about cause it sounds like her dad or nick jonas. well i hate her and im kind of glad i know her number now. dont ask how i got it ps it was so easy cause im rich enough to meet miley and the jonas bros together without bodygaurds. i even have limos waiting outside my house for me to get in them bye obsesed miley fans.


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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