Michael Lohan: Lindsay Obviously Boffing Samantha Ronson

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Are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson a couple?

Days after pics of these two nuzzling necks in Cannes surfaced, the man whose sperm is responsible for Lindsay's existence told Us Weekly that her relationship with Ronson "is evident to anyone with half a brain."

Michael Lohan in Action

In other words: Jessica Simpson has no idea it's going on.

But "just like the [topless] Marilyn Monroe spread, Linds is my daughter and there are just some things a father doesn't want to see or hear, regardless of whether they are true or false," Michael Lohan said

Michael added that Lindsay "is a big girl, and she can make her own life choices. Then it is between her and God." (And the latest person sharing her bed, of course.)

It's none of his business, and he'd never exploit his daughter to a celebrity gossip tabloid, but Michael Lohan says Lindsay is totally doing Samantha Ronson!

Meanwhile, Michael also had to take a swipe at his ex-wife, Dina Lohan.

"Maybe her mother's life revolves around the tabloids and reports, but mine doesn't," he said. "I am into setting a good example and doing good things that don't deceive or exploit my kids."

Well said, Michael! The tabloid you exploited your kid to wrote the quote down perfectly.

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His ex wife is a fame whore loser! Lindsey is not lesbian, she is a no talent bisexual who would do anyone or thing, even a dog.Samantha is her lover, but more importantly, her dealer. Sam is being used for drugs and to make it look like Linds is not broke. MAKE THESE LOSERS GO AWAY!!!