Marie-Anne Thiébaud: From Shania Twain Friend to Foe

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Man, Shania Twain feels scorned by a woman.

Not only must the award-winning country singer deal with the divorce from her husband of 14 years, but reports have surfaced that the reason for the break-up between Twain and Mutt Lange is his affair with Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a former close friend of Shania.

Pictured on the right, Marie-Anne Thiébaud served as a secretary and house manager at Twain and Lange's estate in Switzerland for many years before deciding to allegedly get it on with the man called Mutt.

Christiane Plante would be proud.

Marie-Anne Thiébaud reportedly screwed over Shania Twain by screwing her husband.

According to a source, Lange, Twain and Thiebaud "would vacation and spend holidays together... Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends."

This insider added that Shania is "devastated" by her split from Lange, but allow us to assure her: if this news is true, Shania, you're much better off without that cheating loser.

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WTF was he thinking? She is butt ugly and apparently no heart. She deserves a "mutt" :) BTW she should get a better bra ;)


I can't help but laugh at these idiot celebs & "blue bloods" who do some of the most insane this Mutt dude....can't help but think of idiots like Prince Charles and Tiger Woods...what is with these people that have these beautiful wives and screw around on them....especially with such fugly one's.....I don't get it...!?!?!


Neither "Mutt" or Marie knew how lucky they were...they're both "mutt azz" fugly....Shania just needs to "cowgirl the up" and straighten her life out...they did her a favor actually...maybe she needs to spend some time with "real" people for a know...anywhere between the Mississippi and Grand Canyon....maybe Montana for a while...Colorado is like a dream come true....!!!


He's an Marie Ann Thiebaud ugly as hell You dont need him Shania, you're beautiful - no woman needs a man that always thinks the grass is greener...let him screw em all


Marie-Anne wanted what Shania had. She spent a lot of time pretending and working her way into this family. She is a completely lonely woman who would act like Shania's best friend, listening to her on the phone, talking in person........ Shania thought she could trust this woman, but this woman used all of Shania's conversations and words against her. Marie-Anne knew exactly what to do, what to say, and how to act to help make Robert go astray. She is an evil discusting "thing" and basically it's Shania and all the children who are involved that will suffer the most. Also Marie-Anne swallows......Shania does not......and Marie knew that.




If shania wasn't putting out then , and man's got to do what a man's got to do .... you girls just don't understand guys ... IT has a mind of it's own ... if you know what i mean
shame on shania for not taking care of her man ...


How she could do it?this woman is very ugly
Im sorry for my dear shania


Mutt: I was tired of "steak" all the time - I wanted hamburger!!!
What a twit!


Shania probably closed her legs years ago ,

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