Latest Celebrity Fashion Trend: Stars Donning Stars

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What do Ashley Olsen, Miley Cyrus and Kate Moss have in common?

Sure, they've each courted controversy (one by never eating; the other by posing topless; the third by snorting cocaine), but we were focusing on their tastes for fashion at the moment.

Mya Fashion Choice

The trio of young celebrities are all wearing celestial-print tops of some kind. Indeed, they are stars wearing stars. Check it out:


To precise i wouldnt like 2 see Usher been troubled rather experiencing some hard times in hs life coz he's an absolute intertainer absolutely keeping our soul alive i realy like da brother with no doubt KEEP WELL USHER WE LUV U HERE IN RSA.


Miley looks better!!! I agree with Cassandra, these other girls on the sides do look like drug addicts... LMAO...


sure there both wearing similar printed tops but only one of them are truly working those prints and that is Miley,all of the other stars look like there drug addicts. lol