Kristin Davis: Not a Fan of Cocktails

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  • The good news: Kristin Davis is clean and sober.
  • The bad news (for her): The sordid Kristin Davis sex tape in which that ass clown Eric Stapelman was going to town on her didn't involve any booze.

"I'm a recovering alcoholic," the actress, 43, tells Health. "I've been sober the whole time I've been famous, so it wasn't like I had to go to rehab publicly."

"It's caused a lot of confusion out in the world. I get sent many a Cosmo! I never drink them. I believe [alcoholism] is a disease. I don't think you can mess with it."

Sex and the City Actress

The Sex and the City: The Movie star says people used to say to her "'Couldn't you just have one glass of champagne?' And I would say, 'No,' I'm doing well. I still have occasional bad days. Why risk it?"

Unlike her family-oriented Sex and the City character, Charlotte York, Davis says her No. 1 goal in life isn't to wed and have kids.

"I can relate to feeling the pressure society puts on a person. My family has never been focused on that for me. I'd love to have children, though. I'd also love to adopt a child â€" I think about it a lot," Davis says.

Davis â€" who works with Oxfam International to fight poverty â€" even cites Angelina Jolie as an inspiration.

"I've met Angelina. I don't know her well, but what she's done is fantastic," she says. "I admire anyone who adopts children."

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