Kourtney Kardashian is Hotter Than Kim Kardashian

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Granted, we've seen Kim Kardashian nude.

But don't let that distract you from this undeniable fact: her sister is better looking than she is.

Krazy for Kameras

Need proof? We have a two-sided argument in favor of Kourtney Kardashian: the front and the back. To wit...

Kourtney Kardashian from the front...

... and from the back.

Who do you think is better looking: Kourtney Kardashian or Kim Kardashian?


hi guys,Its kim.Thanks for voting for me.I really appreciate it.U guys saw me with JUstin Bieber and to know,I am dating him so stop thinking its a rumor.


thank you guys for voting for me its really a huge deal for me to look pretty that i usally do on the red carpet it really takes alot of times to turn out like that. you know all of the kardasions are dolls.bye bye :) u guys could contact me at 1818 244-3118 or d-a-s-h or also at smooch thxs


Kourtney! she jus needs a nose job tho


I think Kourtney is the prettiest of the sisters!!!!! She has a better body and she has natural beauty!! Kim is also a very pretty girl as well. Kourtney is the winner of the hottest kardashain sister:) Khloe wow.... That's just a big manley looking chic!!!! Sorry truth hurts.. I bet when Kim and Kourtney were little people thought they were twins.. They could pass for twins:)


Who is hotter kim or kourtney?,KIM is of course but unfortunately in this situation the saying "BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER" is PEOPLE SEE WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE!(hint:look at who they both DATE!).In the saying "BEFORE I WAS BLIND NOW I CAN SEE!", it's not talking about EYESIGHT!!!


I'd take any of the three!!! Kris and Mr. Kardashian had beautiful kids!


and kim,your gorgeous girrrl.
you are perfect in every way.
and your body is banging. curves in all the right places.
don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
they are just jealous


kim kardashian is so beautifull.
i think she is way prettier than her sister kourtney.
her sister is not even that pretty.
at times, she looks so so pretty but then most of the time, she looks so dried out and not pretty at all.
kim looks so beautiful with or without makeup.
and she is also way 100% prettier than megan fox.
but people think of her as a whore so people dont see it.
and they dont see that megan fox is not even that pretty.
shes ugly in my eyes. but looks good sumtimes.
and she wouldnt be pretty with all the surgery she got on her face and the movie transformers made her hottest woman but shes not.
ive seen wayy better than herr.
and kim is not fake at all.
no one has even proof that she is fake and they have proof that megan is fake and they keep saying kim is fake.
and do you have proof? idont think so.
ily kimmmieee


you're a dumb fuck if you think kim kardashian is fat tamara. she looks better than you and makes more money than you will ever in your life. forgive her for not being anorexic like half of hollywood. seriously it's dumbfucks like you that pressure young girls into striving for a skeletal figure.


Kourtney is not prettier than Kim. Kim is beautiful and she looks good without make-up, she chooses to wear it because she like too. Only beautiful women have the facial dimensions to carry make-up well. If you put make-up on Kourtney, she would look like a little boy who decided to play with his mother's make-up. Also, Kourtney is a bitch and she has bird legs.
Both of Kim's sisters are quietly jealous of her because she has it all.

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