Jeff Archuleta Barred from American Idol

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While Jeff Archuleta may deny that he's a controlling father, his son will need to finish his run on American Idol without the assistance of his dad.

According to reports, Jeff has had his backstage access revoked, leaving David Archuleta to practice on his own as the series heads to a conclusion.

Jeff Archuleta, seated on the right, isn't loved behind the scenes of American Idol.

People says Jeff Archuleta is accused of overstepping his boundaries when he wanted David to alter his "Stand By Me" performance by adding a verse from Sean Kingston's 2007 summer hit "Beautiful Girls."

Show sources said Jeff ignored the producers' objections, which led to problems with the song's publisher. Despite being banned backstage, the elder Archulea will be allowed to sit in the audience during the live show.


Perfect work!


I don't understand why people act as if he is the second coming of Christ. I can't stand listening to him and fast forward thru every performance. Not sure where all these people are from that voted for him but I don't know anyone who likes him. Anyone remember the Munchi chi doll.... Headshot of David Archuletta and the Munchi chi side by side... enough said.


This kid needs to lose the old man.
The kid can't even make a sentence.
He's immature & can't hold a candle to David Cook.
He has a nice voice but Cook has the where with all to make a long lasting career.
David A. need to grow up for a few years.
His dad has been a problem from the get-go.
He is abusive.


Well, all i can say is it would be in David A.'s best interest if he did not win.


Didn't your parents ever give you advice and ask you to do something they felt it was better for you? David ARchuleta is not that stupid. If he did not want the advice, if the story is even true, he would not listen to his dad. Sounds like bad rumors to me at this point, from DAvid Cook fans, who think that the only style of music available to all of us is Rock. Now that is forcing us to like David Cook should we now get BANNED from the show? The last 3 contestants obvioulsy are all talented and have their own styles. David Cook is a rocker, David ARchuleta is the Pop Singer, Syesha is a R&B/Soul singer. Which style we like and support is up to the voters. VOTE DAVID ARCHULETA my american role model idol. And I am 45 years old and not a grandmother either. Get a life people, stop being so nasty to a sweet young man who is giving us consistenty all he is got to sing for us.


What is this crap about David Archuleta being gay? Because he can sing well at 17 it makes him GAY. You people need a life. So mean spirited and nasty. How jealous and evil minded can you be? Do we call Opera stars gay because they can hit some high notes. How do you know David Cook is not gay anyway, in his late 20's still no girlfriend? hmmmmmmmm. Why because he can shout his songs at us, or look like he needs a shower and a shave, that makes him not gay? You people are really creepy small minded human beings. Go get a talent and stop calling people names because you are so JEALOUS and can't relate to real talented young men. Learn something from him. He is already a STAR whether he wins all the way or NOT. GO DAVID ARCHULETA


Poor David! Betwen his dad putting pressure on his about his performances and also for putting pressure on David to be someone he is not is a shame! Let the boy live. So it is out that David is gay, and anyone can see that right on this website on another discussion, http://www.thehollywoodgossip.... but why is hollywood gossip not putting the story out there? Maybe because you dont have a write that can create original content and you wait for news to break on every other website first?


Is it true that he was also controlling on Star Search as well? Is he another "stage parent"? He's he trying to live through his son's success?
Poor Kid!!!


This will be beneficial in the long run for David. Jeff needs to allow him to grow in independence of his parents, especially if they interfere with his confidence and artistry.

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