Jason Castro: I've Never Been High, Man

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As you debate which American Idol finalist will be voted off tonight - David Cook, David Archuleta or Syesha Mercado - contemplate the following question:

Has last week's eliminated contestant, Jason Castro, ever been on drugs?

The dreadlocked singer says no, he's never been high. Seems kinda hard to believe, doesn't it?

Totally Stoned

"I think that, especially with things like [Idol], people like to stereotype so easily. Just because a guy is really easy going... People have always said that [about me]," Castro said.

"When I was younger I was real hyper and they'd think I was always drunk and I had never had a drink of alcohol until, like, last year. But the fact is I've never been high in my life."

Do you believe Jason Castro?


okayokay........whoa here
why would you ever even think he is on drugs?
he is the most honestly awesome guy i know.
(i do know him btw.
i was the girl in the music video "lets just fall in love again"
the little girl blowig bubbles that hands him a note and then we do our secret hand shake. he is nice and acts really hyper but dude...
he aint like bob marley he is not hugh


Ok. I know Jason personally. He used to be the drummer in one of my best friends band. And he has never been high. Stupid.


ok what the heckkk?! just becausee jason is a laid back guyy who doesnt care doesnt mean hes high all the time hes just that kind of clueless kinda guyy and i love him soooo much for it


I absolutely believe Jason Castro has never been high! He has a reputation as a good kid on his college campus. I m looking forward to a CD being released of Jason's music.


Jason is simply the most genuine, talented and charismatic contestant ever to grace (and I do mean GRACE) the American Idol stage. Saw him perform on the tour in San Jose, CA, July 8. He is truly gifted. Jason is just a NATURALLY high spirit!


It still amuses me how goofy and laid back translates to 'druggie' for some. Some people are beyond brainwashed. It's so obvious he's never been high. AI's editing was hilarious.


Please... How did it ever get a subject for discussion? Of course he is not on drugs! He is just a down to earth kind of guy, that is enjoying the moment. You know, some people just are that cool! Wish I was! Love his style and music! Go Jason!


I believe Him he is a all together good person and people should respect him for what he is. Shame on all of you who started this rumor. Jason I get hight just looking and hearing you your the best good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I meant his SONGS plural not song.


Why would he even bother lying about it? He's in the music business and from all appearances you can you can get away with just about anything. So no reason to lie. He seems like a really nice guy, a little shy maybe. And always in need of a nap, but thats about it. Personally I love Jason. I especially love his singing, his studio versions of the song from idol are amazing.

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