Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby Bump: Holy Crap!

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This photo of Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump pretty much speaks for itself. Man, that baby bump is frickin' huge - and growing every time we see it!

Let this be a lesson to all you teenage girls out there.

Heigl and Baby

The next time you think about letting your boyfriend hit that (as Casey Aldridge did), remember that those 45 seconds of bliss may have lasting consequences.

Make him use a condom. Otherwise, you could look like this ...

Jamie Lynn Spears, at just17, is less than two months away from giving birth to a (seemingly large) celebrity baby. Think it will be a boy or a girl?


Who would want to hit that!


its sad to see kids having kids but she seems to be coping fine! hopefully she wont give the baby to her mum and she will be happy with her kid.


im a married mom and have 3 kids and im 21 i own a home and dont have nannies or maids just me and my hubby and life is great but not everyone gets a happy ending so dont think you need a baby at 16 or w.e but jamie i think will be an awsome mom! congrats love and be proud of that glowing bump u look amazing! and congrats on it being a baby girl!

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