Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby Bump: Holy Crap!

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This photo of Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump pretty much speaks for itself. Man, that baby bump is frickin' huge - and growing every time we see it!

Let this be a lesson to all you teenage girls out there.

Heigl and Baby

The next time you think about letting your boyfriend hit that (as Casey Aldridge did), remember that those 45 seconds of bliss may have lasting consequences.

Make him use a condom. Otherwise, you could look like this ...

Jamie Lynn Spears, at just17, is less than two months away from giving birth to a (seemingly large) celebrity baby. Think it will be a boy or a girl?

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hemde çok kimsenin sevemeyecegi kadar seviyorum kendi kardeşimden daha çok seviyorum...:)


seni çokkkkkkkkkk seviyorum jamie


hey what ae ru doing


I wish people would stop bad mouthing the spears woman.
Compare to most preggie woman. Jaime looked good!


She can do whatever she wants its her life


I know how u must feel u stupid ass retard.
what the hell r u doing getting knocked up at such a young age? any way who would want to bump u up.....


getting pregnant at a young age sucks. im 15 and on may 15 i gave birth to my daughter kirsten. i love my daughter and i would do anything for her . when i was pregnant i had my family and friends behind me and so does jamie. i wasnt thinking straight when i had sex jamie lynn probably wasnt thinking straight either. jamie has people who love her and thats all that counts so just leave her alone.


jamie i know what you are going thru i was 14 when i had my baby i am 17 now all i can say is it is vey hard being a mother at a very young age you can take it from me.


I think that media does this to the celebs...... they feel so pressured...... and it doesn't help when you have other influences on you. This happens to young girls everyday..... my cuz was 13 and had a baby! Just leave the girl alone and let her live her life! She has been handling this maturely and all of those other comments were uncalled for!


I know the Spears family and they are not stuipd they are in need help here i hate you say stuipd stuuf that not call for missyann,brittihilty,LADiB0SSand rest of who all rude commednts i think it 's ok she rich and famous so let her have a kid 16 ok and miley is not like jamie lynn spears i know her and her family there to into wait mariage ok.