Inside American Idol: David Archuleta's Relief, Dedication

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David Archuleta has never been in the bottom three on an elimination night. And we'd be willing to wager that he never will be.

But, according to People Magazine, the young, popular crooner was shocked when he was sent to the safe sofa this week.

As David walked over to join Jason Castro, also safe, on the couch, he mouthed "wow, wow, wow" to himself, maintaining a look of shock into the break. We don't know why. Of course he was safe, and he'll continue to be until the finals (where we hope he loses out to David Cook).

David Archuleta was reportedly surprised he remained on American Idol this week. Were you?

Also, according to a family friend, Tuesday night's song choice of Neil Diamond's "America" was chosen by Archuleta in dedication to his mom, Lupe, who originally came to the U.S. from Honduras.


What?! He's always like that. Looking shocked everytime he knows he's safe. He's just humble and he said it doesn't has to be him coz everyone there is awesome. We love him and we love his voice. My uncle and grandma likes him .


David A. should absolutely win.
He has been the MOST consistent of ANY of the performers. And really has the most pleasent voice to hear over any given period of time.
He also has that appeal of ALL AGE groups. No one else has that. We cannot pass over his WONDERFUL personality. That is a very major part of him and his voice. Thank You Darryl


what a cutie!!!oh gosh! he is so humble!he doesnt even realize that a lot of people love him(including me,of course..).dont worry babyD,i'm sure you will win AI and beat the other david!you are so much better than him! gosh...isnt david a sweetest thing?? DAFTW!


Sorry to disappoint you. He'll win. He is the American Idol:)


Well I know I'm one of millions who hopes David Archuleta will be the next American Idol. He truly deserves it.

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