Hugh Hefner Defends, Wants Miley Cyrus Naked

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As we talked about earlier, Miley Cyrus is not alone.

Plenty other stars have posed for racy pics - and where there are topless, nude or controversial photos, it's a safe bet Hugh Hefner wants in.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

In, in the sense that he wants to put them in his magazine. And possibly more than that. Anyway, we're making ourselves ill, so we'll move on.

Hugh Hefner, 82, says Miley Cyrus, 15, is a "very pretty lady." Gag.

The Playboy founder recently told Extra that Miley Cyrus would be "welcomed in the magazine" when she's of legal age.

Is he onto something - or off his rocker?

Not sure, but last week, Miley Cyrus was "embarrassed" by a racy, topless photo shoot by the famous Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair.

Many people recoiled in horror. Hugh was unmoved.

"To make such a big to do over something as innocent as those photos, I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality," Hefner said.

Do you agree with Hugh Hefner's point? Or is he out of line?

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Ms. Miley Cyrus.. CONFESS YOUR SINS!!!!


yeah miley is seriously the best
fans who are bailing out on her now are no real fans
everyone is being hard on her just because of her good girl image
whne oyu think of it this is no big deal! everyone is blowing it out of porportion
hang in there miley! love ya


Ok Kiisha u are so wrong!!! The story is that Miley did the pics cuz she thought that they would look artsy but when she saw them she didn't like them and she wanted them back but they wouldn't let her. And that man is a disgusting pervert and everyone should leave poor Miley alone. Stay strong Miley i love ya!


Hef might be OK about America's schizofrenia about sexuality. The rest... This goes about a 15-year-old, for cryin' out loud! At leat wait your 3 years, you old evil goat... YOU WILL BURN IN THE HELLS!!! The Pope


Hmm...i agree with Hugh Hefner on the "how scitzophrenic america is about sexuality", however, i dont agree on anything else he said. Oh and Miley should DEFINATLY keep her clothes on. Im not sure i want to see...Ill never be able to see the Hannah Montana in her again if she poses nude.


It's a myth that guys can get away being a pervert just because they're male. God help their souls. Hugh Hefner is a dirty old man who can only get damaged "women" who never had a fathers. He's no one to critique art.


yuckkkkk mileys gross
she acts like she is older when she is only 15
shes a tryhard loser
with fans under the age of 10


I think that guy is and evil nasty and everyone should leave Miley alone.


Hugh IS the man! If he wants Miley to undress, I doubt she'll say no....


I think is disgusting that an old goat will call a 15 yr. a very pretty "lady" implying she's not a girl. Yuck and double yuck. Sounds like an R Kelly wanna be!