Hugh Hefner Defends, Wants Miley Cyrus Naked

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As we talked about earlier, Miley Cyrus is not alone.

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    People need to get a life and leave poor Miley alone. Miley your 16 years old do what you feel is right. It's to bad people in America have a stick up their butt about sexuality but I for one do not. I applaud you for the photos and think you should always do what you feel is appropriate. As far as Hugh Hefner goes I say good job for capturing the art which is a woman's body the most beautiful art in the world.


    to me, hugh hefner is disgusting, and there are so many stupid girls just falling for his act, i dunt think mileys stupid enough to undress for him for a couple bucks




    y not pose again you are sooooooooooooooooo hot


    i hope mily cyrus is not pregnant shes a pretty girl
    i dont know if its true or not!!!!!!!!


    LMFAO, I think it's pretty disgusting that Hugh commented on how pretty Miles is. I mean, it's true, don't get me wrong I think Miley is beautiful but seriously, that's pretty disgusting.

    Pft, he lives with a bunch of naked girls, let Miley be as innocent as she can be for a while.


    Miley is a hot little piece, and I for one would love to watch her shake her little money maker. I say good for you Billy Ray, put that little lolita on the fast track to skank. Good girls are boring, I wanna see some beaver!!!
    Would love to lick the sweat off of her after a concert.


    In my opinion Mily Cyrus look good if She posed naked
    or without a top on, She has a nice figure and body
    tone that produced art with that smile and look.
    Their are parts of this world where their are you can
    go on vacation to be Nude outside or on a beach, young, old or families .
    stars in the past never been complaint over, so why
    we complaining if some star pose nude.
    if She want to do it, She should do it, however it is
    the parents that should control what their children are
    watching in way of nudist photograph and shouldn't let
    a child stop being someone fan if their parents prohibit
    them to see naked person, so stop complaining about nudist stars.
    Leave her alone.


    i wish ican see you


    She shouldn't be embarrassed by the photos however he is the worlds biggest pervert and is famous for it

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