High School Smoochical: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

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While attending the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz Western Conference Semifinal playoff game, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens took a break from watching basketball to practicing their baseball talents.

Namely, how to get to first base!

Photo of Zac

The first couple of young Hollywood was in the area shooting High School Musical 3. It's due in theaters in October.


wow u people are obsessed.. :| seriously there is nothing wrong with this picture.. they are kissing on the lips., OMG CALL THE COPS !! i'm pretty sure that the girls who don't like this picture have never kissed a boy and get break-out by saying they hate someone they don't even know..
why do they have to 'only doing this for attention'? pretty much every couple (that have been dating for at least 2 months) have at least once kissed in public..


Hey Zac, I dont like u kissed Vanessa Hudgens, I got a lot of pictuer of u in my room and i was thinking about u a lot more. I love u so much ZAC EFRON. CHARONDA-N-ZAC EFRON 4EVER LOVER..




do u freaks actually like hsm!!! its crap. and miss hudgens deserved all she got. zac isn't fit and they don't exactly make the greatest of couples. its only for the limelight after all the hsms it will die down quickly! freaks!!


ok all of yall need to grow up. like seriously so what if they kiss and who cares if you hate her. she is a very inspirational person and all of yall need to find something better to do than just being immature idiots. Vanessa and Zac are a very cute couple and i hope they stay together through thick and thin.


I feel soooooooooooooo sorry for Vanessa! Everyone (paparazzi) are giving her such a bad time! She did something wrong we all do! Besides her pictures were not intended to be public they were private! Alot of stars who are younger and who are in films suited for young viewers were nude in public! Besides she realised her mistake and apologized what is there left to get out of her!
Leave the poor girl alone!
You rock Vanessa don't let anything get in your way of a successful life!
Dana x


U r soo GAY get a life and grow up comment if u hate me bi


oh yeah and jessica, u need 2 get over the fact that zac would never talk 2 u. u think that he would talk 2 u jsut cus u have 2 tell him somethin, haha NO.


they need 2 STOP! they only kissed in front of the cameras 2 get attention and they just need 2 get a room. for real


OH! what the hell r u doing guys??!

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Zac Efron Biography

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens
Zac Efron is a young, adorable actor. He's often compared to Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio. His career begin with High School Musical,... More »
San Luis Obispo, California
Full Name
Zachary Efron

Zac Efron Quotes

Everything's been stepped up a few notches, all the dances, and I think the songs are pretty catchy this time around. And it's our senior year, so we've got graduation and prom to look forward to. All fun things to have in a movie.

Zac Efron [on High School Musical 3]

You never know with teenage girls. It's funny. But they're always, most of the time they're pretty respectful, and I love 'em. I'm very grateful.

Zac Efron