Drama on Eve of Pete Wentz-Ashlee Simpson Wedding

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With one daughter devastated over two recent breakups and another daughter preggers and tying the knot tomorrow, it's chaos in the Simpson household.

As we reported earlier, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are broken up - but her dad still wants the quarterback to hit up Ashlee's weekend wedding!

Crazy Joe Simpson, Ashlee and Jessica's pimp and father, "called Tony and asked him to come to show support for the wedding," Us reports.

It's unclear if Tony Romo accepted Joe's request, but he's scheduled to fly to L.A. - where the wedding will take place - this weekend.

Tony Romo wasn't present at a bachelor party Joe Simpson threw for Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson's finace, and a few pals at Mr. Chow Thursday night.

E! reports that a steady supply of beer and wine was brought to their table. After the celebration, Joe Simpson picked up the $1,000 tab!

We're just getting started on the Simpson family drama, readers. Continue reading for all the Ashlee Simpson-Pete Wentz wedding details...

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have reportedly told their guests "to dress in dark colors" to their nuptials on Saturday, a pal of the couple revealed.

"[The wedding guests] have all been asked to wear cocktail attire, but to not be overdressed," said the friend.

On Thursday, crews erected a massive white tent with bright red curtains in the backyard of Simpson's parents' home in Encino, California.

Also set up: a seating area around a fireplace adorned with a cross. The family's pool is going to be coverted into a seating area.

Ashlee Simpson, who is about four months pregnant, will walk down the aisle in front of "around 250 guests" the inside source reports.

Guests are still being kept in the dark about details.

"Proper invites have not been sent out but instead guests have been given a save the date notice," a source said.

The rehearsal dinner - described by the source as "an intimate affair" for "family and close friends only" - will take place tonight.

Will Tony Romo be there? Can Jessica Simpson make it through the whole thing without getting sloshed? Does Ashlee have morning sickness?

Stay tuned.


Pete made a dumb choice to marry such a horrible *#@$& and i love him so much but i hope they get devorced like my parents did! i LOVE PETE WENTZ. also i think its cool that he makes his own clothes and he rocks out loud especially when he plays with the rest of FALL OUT BOY brake up with her already you shouldn't go out with somone that shares her love life with her FATHER!!!!!!!!!!


Don't you all think that this baby may not even be Pete's baby .I think the whole Simpson family are sick sick sick.The dad sick old man that talks about his one daughter boobs.What kind dad what even think that about his daughter mostless say it.Sick family .I think Pete better get the kid tested after it born to see if his kid are maybe it's dad Joe baby .As dad Joe change his mind about Pete pretty fast .I find whole think fun.
Run Tony as far away from the whole sick family.


Leave it to Jessica to find a way to take the spotlight on her sisters special day.
If Tony does show up, she will be all over him, or eyeballing him. All eyes will be on them to see whats going on.
Hopefully she saw the pics of him partying and is really in a tailspin.


I guess that Ashlee didn't take the Chastity Pledge with Daddy Joe the way Jessica did... I thought that was a bit creepy. Whenever you're involving your dad in your sex life, something is not right... Not that chastity isn't a good idea, or even a necessity, for some of these folks, for a change!


Jessica is devastated over two recent breakups? Did I miss something are you referring to john mayer?

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